Ford is recalling 518,000 SUVs in the United States due to a possible fuel leak and fire risk

The Ford Motor Company Calls over 500,000 SUVs worldwide United State The risk of fire resulting from a possible cracked fuel injector.

Ford, the second largest auto dealer in the United States, said that although the possibility of fires is rare, it was forced to offer the recall after it was reported of at least 20 such incidents. The call covers The company’s Bronco Sport and Escape SUVs were built between 2020 and 2023.

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Ford Motor Company is recalling more than 500,000 SUVs across the United States due to fire hazards from potential fuel injectors. (Tomohiro Ohsumi/Bloomberg via Getty Images/Getty Images)

According to the company, a cracked fuel injector can cause fuel vapor to build up and cause a fire under the hood of the vehicle. Fixes aren’t yet available, but Ford is working on a software update that will alert owners if their car’s fuel injector is compromised.

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“If low pressure is detected in the fuel rail, engine power will be automatically reduced to reduce any risks, while also allowing customers to drive to a safe location, stop the vehicle and arrange for service,” the company said in a statement.

Semiconductor Ford Bronco

The recall covers Bronco Sport and Escape SUVs manufactured between 2020 and 2023. (Rebecca Cook/Reuters/Reuters)

Despite the recall, Ford is not urging consumers to stop driving the models in question. Instead, the company says that if drivers suspect a problem with their car, they should take it to a dealership and have it inspected.

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In cases where there is a problem, Ford will replace a faulty fuel injector. The company also extends its warranties to cover cracked fuel injectors for up to 15 years.

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