Flood: Pilots intimidated by misinformation

An Australian airline has received about 100 threats in connection with a conspiracy. Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online.

Records shared on the Internet suggest that Handel Aviation pilots caused a second flood by cloud seating in Lismore, New South Wales on March 31, scattering an object in the clouds to make it rain.

These theories began to unravel after weeks of heavy rains and deadly floods that have hit Australia’s east coast for the past two months, submerging homes, roads and cars.

‘A handle aviation pilot aboard the Cessna 210N Centurion VH-JIL today carried out cloud seeding in Lismore South and Pallina, observing massive flooding beneath him,’ we read in the widely shared message.

‘Turn on the rain’

Australian fashion designer Alice McCall shared online the handling of Handel Aviation’s VH-JIL flying over flooded areas, saying the plane was dropping chemicals to ‘activate rain’.

Handel Aviation operator Mark Handel told AFP on Thursday that the company was not sowing clouds. The aircraft, which aims to collect images for aerial maps provided to Australian mapping company Nearmap, was targeted by the publication, he said.

‘Handel Aviation only operates aerial photography aircraft. Our latest flights are a reflection of the flood prone areas of New South Wales and Queensland, ”says Handel Aviation’s website.

NearMap confirmed to AFP that the photos taken by Handel Aviation were commissioned to map disaster areas for insurers and emergency services. “These airstrikes are being operated on the east coast after major weather and natural disasters, including the recent floods,” a NearMap spokesman said.

Lost everything

Despite the company explaining the purpose of the flights on its website, more than 100 threats were sent to Handel Aviation for claims circulating online. “We received the most violent threats: ‘We have the names of the pilots, we know where you live, and you’ll pay for it,'” Handel told AFP.

This prompted his operations director, Anthony Bergo, to respond to each of these emails and call the people who provided their phone number. Mr. According to Bergo, some were surprised by the phone call and some were angry.

But others were distressed and told the pilot that they had lost everything in the flood and that they believed the company was responsible. ‘They needed a shoulder to tell their story, to cry. They had lost practically everything, and then someone said to them: ‘Here’s why,’ Mr. Pergo examined.

Sowing is not responsible

Contrary to claims in the publications, climate change expert Simon Seems pointed out that cloud seating was not responsible for the flooding on the East Coast. Professor, he leads a team studying research on clouds and rainfall from Monash University.

According to him, cloud seeding is not carried out in the northern rivers area and flooding is not possible. “Cloud seeding is not so effective and people only do it in very specific situations,” he said.


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