Flash floods in Dalat killed 4 South Korean tourists

Agence France-Presse – The official media in Vietnam reported that four South Korean tourists died today (24) in the Central Highlands region of Vietnam. After suddenly rising waters washed away their car after several days of heavy rain.

The accident occurred at noon in Dalat. The city is very popular among tourists. When tourist vehicles tried to pass through the waterway, the water level rose.

A report by VnExpress news agency quoted a local official as saying: “The waters suddenly rose after three consecutive days of rain in Lam Dong province, where Dalat city is located.”

The report also states that the bodies of the tourists were found several kilometers from the accident site. The driver of the jeep was also swept away by the current. But he was found to be still alive

The report stated that the sudden rise in water levels in the river was likely due to heavy rains in the upstream area.

The group of tourists was on a day tour to explore the nature of Dalat.

Parts of central Vietnam have experienced heavy rains since mid-October. It is the rainy season in Southeast Asian countries.

Since the beginning of the year, natural disasters, including floods and landslides, have killed about 100 people in Vietnam. Rescuers said on Monday that they had ended the search for 13 fishermen who went missing when their boat sank amid a storm in the South China Sea in mid-October. Officers found only two bodies.

Scientists warn that extreme weather events around the world are becoming more dangerous. It occurs more frequently due to climate change.

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