FIFA World Cup 2022: “It’s a painful evening for France” –

France captain Hugo Lloris has clearly analyzed his side’s defeat in the World Cup final. Being so close to the 3rd star, Didier Deschamps has a hard time accepting it.

Hugo Lloris (Goalkeeper and France captain): We overreacted in the final. It was almost a boxing match and we went blow to blow. We will only regret missing the first period altogether. We didn’t let up. We needed a winner and it was decided on penalties. It’s always brutal. We leave blank. We could have gone 2-0 down, but we continued to believe in it to turn the game around. This chance in the 120th minute could have put us 4-3 up… and when it’s not meant to be a laugh… it’s been a painful evening..”

Rafale Varane (Defender of France):We are very disappointed. We gave everything. We fought till the end and never gave up. We came back. We might have won. We stand tall. We are not far from winning a match that started badly. We’ve had a bumpy ride, but the team has mental strength, a lot of heart.”

DIDIER DESCHAMPS (France coach):At 2-0, taking a third, nothing to say. But in the end, this defeat is even harder to digest, knowing that we came back from nowhere. We put a lot of heart and energy into getting back into this sport. When it still eludes you, it’s hard…but you have to accept it.”

“I can’t wait to celebrate in the country”

Lionel Scaloni (Argentina coach):I can’t believe we struggled so much in such a perfect match… but this French team finds an answer every time. I am proud of the work accomplished and the work of the players. All that we have to endure today… I am so moved. This is a historic moment for our country. Everyone should taste it.”

Rodrigo De Paul (Argentine Midfielder):I will never forget this moment. We struggled, but we deserved this victory. We won the World Champions, it was indescribable.”

Lautaro Martinez (Argentina Striker):I am at a loss for words… Thank you to the Argentine people, thank you to the 26 players who were there, thank you to everyone who supported us. To all the staff, cooks, doctors… I dedicate this title to my family, my brother, my daughter, my mother..”

Lionel Messi (Captain and Striker of Argentina): I am not retired internationally. I want to continue playing for Argentina to honor this world champion title. This is a topic I’ve been missing and lo and behold, it’s crazy. He made himself wait. I can’t wait to see the craziness out there and celebrate it. Football is indeed a crazy game. Winning the World Cup is every kid’s dream..”


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