Fern Vasakon Lokjaturung has a Korean man following her. But why can't I continue?

Fern Vasakon Lokjaturung has a Korean man following her. But why can't I continue? She said the young actress should stay in his country. We have to stay in our country, so we're done.

She is another young actress that many people know about. Very familiar to Bayfern-Pasakorn Phonpon The talented daughter of a famous comedian. Jaturong Mokgok Let me tell you, this girl shines like a star. He follows his father in close succession, and is another person who is as hard-working as anyone else. Turn on any channel and you will always see it on your TV screen. Seeing this, I couldn't help but feel happy for my father.

Fern Vasakon Lokjaturung has a Korean man following her. But why can't I continue?

Recently, I would like to change the name of the new and wonderful Internet from Fern He is Jessica The direct flight to Korea is located at the entrance to the alley. Young Kimchi flirts with Trom. This event opens in the center of the Nu Maem table. With the host Nomam Surieva The love gossip was ordered by Father Rong who gave an ultimatum and paid his daughter to deposit the eggs. Because she really wants to hold her grandson, and the funny girl Jessica wants to be completely clear.

I recently saw that there is a new name that everyone is calling Jessica?
That is, in the past two years, I went to Korea often. One of them is that we are Korean fans too. I have never been arrested before. At one point, I went for 3 months straight, thinking Korea was at the entrance to the alley. Until the money in the account kept running out, that is, Jessica came from the fact that my name is Fern, and Korean people don't have an alphabet, so they couldn't call us by our names, and it was difficult to pronounce, so everyone used the name Jessica when they went to Korea, you will know me by that name, In the name of Jessica.

What do you like about Korea that makes you travel there often?
That is, if it were a series or a movie, it would go the mother’s way. My mother is this line. For me, I like second generation idols, I like JB got7, I especially like the type that makes me want to scream. I like that it's all about JB. No matter how I explain it, I can't explain it.

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I see there are a lot of Korean men coming to flirt?
I mean he was there, he was good, he was nice, but because of the distance between them but she didn't go any further. Because he must live in his country. We have to stay in our country, so we're done.

Ask about planning to deposit eggs. There is news that Father Jaturong is willing to give money?
As of today, not yet, but plans are definitely in the works for this year. Dad provided the main official support. Because he wants to have grandchildren, that is, if you go anywhere, he will say that he will leave it to you. But he asked to share half of our child. But I'll tell you I won't accept that part. Because it would be too much. He'll be in trouble soon. Anyway, I hugged him, kissed him and petted him.

That is, he wanted to be involved to the point of actually planning each school. So I thought his idea with the ideas of mice who are at different ages nowadays, it may not be possible to study many academic subjects, but I think I will have twins. It's the only place you'll find it. Just wait a bit, but it's worth it.

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