Fear of repeated landslides! Papua New Guinea rushes to evacuate nearly 8,000 people

Foreign news agencies report from Port Moresby. Papua New Guinea On May 28, the government of Inga Province in northern Papua New Guinea reportedly evacuated about 7,900 people from the vicinity of the village at the foot of Mount Mangalu. A major landslide occurred and caused widespread damage. Last Friday because there is still a risk of new landslides.

The Papua New Guinea Office of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation submitted a letter to the United Nations on Monday. This overwhelming event would have buried “more than 2,000 people” and caused extensive damage. It has a huge impact on the economy and people's lives.

While the general situation is still critical because the soil in that area is still moving. Which becomes an obstacle to the work of rescue workers in search of missing persons. The task at this time requires support from every sector. Whether it is a soldier and civilian rescue workers at the national and local levels

World Health Organization The World Health Organization issued a statement expressing its concern about the situation in Papua New Guinea. He expressed his readiness to provide humanitarian assistance, and the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement from President Xi Jinping in which he expressed his condolences over the natural disaster that occurred in Papua New Guinea. Confirmation and providing the necessary assistance

Papua New Guinea is one of the countries that has a humid climate throughout the year. It has been exposed to many earthquakes, floods and landslides. Since the beginning of this year, one of them is A landslide that occurred near Inga County in March killed at least 23 people.

Image source: Agence France-Presse

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