“Father” fever! Yavarat Chinese New Year break urges amnesty, Article 112, denies “Dhawan” support for wrongdoing.

“Pita-Saidavat” fever breaks out MPs travel long distances to attend Chinese New Year event, wish everyone prosperity and happiness, refuse support to erring “Tawan”, ask for caution, worry about conflicts, support amnesty, Article 112, They are seeking clarity on digital wallets.

Saidawat Dulathon, Leader of Opposition Mr. Progressive Party Leader and Mr. Along with Father Limsaroenrut Move Forward Party Chairman's Adviser and several Bangkok MPs participate in Chinese New Year celebrations at Yawarat Road. It is an important agenda to join in congratulating and congratulating Thai people of Chinese descent, wishing everyone prosperity, wealth and happiness, the leaders said Chinese New Year greetings in Thai, Mandarin and English, adding that this year marks the 49th year of Thai-Chinese relations. Next year is half a century. Let everything be fulfilled. It is a year of hope for all.

Mr. Pita said that this time he visited the area and did not come to check the assessments. Because we visit the area every year to celebrate Chinese New Year. I will attend the Chinese New Year ceremony tomorrow to express that. Hat Yai District, Songkhla Province

Regarding Mr. Paramet, Vidhayaraksan, MP, owner of the area in Sambandhawang district, said that the area is an area where Thai Chinese have lived for a long time. There are many problems to be solved like transportation, waste management, and most importantly, the problem of foreign capital. Including promoting cultural tourism.

Interviewed on political issues then, Mr. Pita said that he personally did not support it. Dawan-Tandawan Dua Tulanon was accused in Case 112 of obstructing a royal procession. Let the sun be wrong and let all parties be careful.Personally, I'm worried that there will be clashes because of the chaos at Siam Paragon. So, whether you are the guarantor or the guarantor, please use the gentle method. It doesn't matter. But please break it down on a case by case basis. Because everyone has the same right to get bail.

Regarding the issue of amnesty, the Cao Khlai Party still insists on acknowledging that the accused should be granted amnesty under Article 112, as they see it as a solution. Let all sides talk to minimize conflict and reduce stress. A special commission is expected to be set up to study both the content and steps of the package in detail.

Meanwhile, Mr Pita asked the government for a backup plan. After the interview, Mr. Saitawat and Mr. Pitha and the MPs took a photo together if the digital wallet project could not be moved forward. Head to the end of the Tai Hong Kong Temple before heading to the exhibition on Yawarat Road in the Thai-Chinese Cultural Archway. People were also asked to take selfies along the way. Kao branch is ready to ask signatures from Mr. Pita and MPs in the party.

Then the leaders got together. Go together and meet people who come to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Along the way, people followed. And Mr. Father stopped at the shops. Hello to the vendors Watermelon smoothie shop etc Thailand post booth The whole walk along Yawarat road, we were surrounded by people along the way.

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