Fans are amazed when a young actor turns into a salesman in a new market. I was amazed when I learned about the income. Don't look down on people who are fighting for their lives.

What happened? A young actor becomes a trader in a new market. He came out to speak for himself. Revealing an extraordinary income Do not be ashamed to be seen as someone who is fighting for life.

It caused quite a stir across Asia after fans learned of his high school career. Chris Shane A 32-year-old young Taiwanese actor had many people shocked by what was happening. This young actor became a merchant in a new market.

As for Chris Shane, who entered the industry in 2003, he has played both supporting roles and lead roles. Before he became famous for his roles in the series Spider Lilies (2007) and Memory Love (2017), and more recently for his role as Li Yuanzhi in the 2022 drama Rally for Love.

Instagram / @krisshen

Although he is not the most famous actor in Taiwan's entertainment industry, he still has a loyal group of fans. There are tens of thousands of Instagram followers. That's why he shocked many people with his latest photo. Working in the fresh market

Someone discovered that Chris Shane was a fresh chicken stall dealer. He cut up the chicken, cut it into pieces, and seasoned it, and it was a completely different picture. With charm and charm while working in acting

Instagram / @krisshen

Recently, on February 8, Chris Shane posted on Instagram. To narrate his life story, he mentioned that he opened a fresh chicken stall with his girlfriend Bella to earn extra income.

He also has other sources of income such as a restaurant and a beauty clinic.

But that made him become a trader in the fresh market. Because a friend said that you can earn 80,000-120,000 New Taiwan dollars (about 91,000-137,000 baht) from this fresh chicken stall.

Chris Sin opened the fresh chicken business three months ago. He earns about NT$20,000 (about 22,000 baht) a month and doesn't mind being considered a tough guy. He also said that he is used to working hard to earn a living.

“I was never born rich. If I had, I wouldn't have had to join the entertainment industry when I was 10 years old,” said Chris Shane.

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