Fah Garud Sai Musical announces 3-month postponement of show, Khun Boi explains details.

Mr. Boye Thekongkiat held a press conference on the issue.Your club Kugimiya“He had an accident which caused the show to be postponed.”Fah Jarrod Say Music3 months with detailed explanation

From the young actor's case Your club Kugimiya He had an accident while playing sports and had a fracture in the middle of his palm. This made him have to wear a cast throughout his treatment. Recently, Mr. Boy Thakongkiat explained Nadesh's condition and explained the details of the postponement of the show. “Fah Jarod Say Music” For 3 months due to the role of Sharif played by Nadesh there had to be a lot of physical activity and fight scenes used in the show. To be completely safe in stage shows so the show had to be postponed for 3 months till Nadesh recovers.

Through Sinerio and Ratchadalai, therefore, it is necessary to raise the offer. “Fah Jarod Say Music” During this period until August 10, 2024, she will leave for another 3 months and will return to perform again on October 26, 2024. This will be a tour of shows that were booked for during that period, such as tickets during August. Be on the November performance tour, etc., or if it does not fit on the arranged tour. You can watch on additional alternative tours. This is good news for those who did not buy tickets in time. Or if watching is not suitable, the amount paid can be refunded.

We wish young Nadish a speedy recovery, and fans can stay tuned for more details on the Facebook page: Scenario & Rachadalai.

Fah Jarod Sai band has postponed their show.

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