European Football Score Prediction Thai Thrath Post Office Total Gold Prize 10 Million Join the chance to win in 3 ways.

Thairath Group invites football fans to join the fight for the championship and win gold in the Euro 2024 football match, and collaborates with Thailand Post to launch the biggest campaign of the year. “Cheer him with a football, cheer loudly and receive good luck, anywhere, anytime” organizes Euro 2024 results predictions. Join the fun by sending postcards and postcards online. Through the Prompt Post app and the “Paotang” app, you can guess which football team will win the cup at the 17th European Nations Cup, scheduled to be held in Germany between June 1 and July 14, 2024, with a chance to win gold worth more than 10 million baht. .

Loud cheering activities, huge giveaways, and the chance to win millions back. For the UEFA European Football Championship 2024 prediction project, in which Therat Group is cooperating with Thailand Post Co., Ltd., it was organized to allow Thai football fans across the country to join in cheering for the country's 17th European Football Championship. Germany with happiness and joy and joined the chance to win gold worth more than 10 million baht

In the conference room on the 11th floor, Building 17, Thirath Head Office. Vibhavadi Rangsit Road At 1:30 pm on May 23, Mr. Watchara Wattaraphon, Co-CEO of Thairath TV and Tairath Online along with Mr. Danan Suvathavan, President of Thailand Postal Company Limited, held a joint press conference to organize a major campaign. “Cheer him a football, cheer loudly and receive good luck, anywhere, anytime.” From June 1 to July 14, 2024, to delight football fans during the big match of the European Football Championship (Euro) 2024 to participate in creating colors and bringing fun to the Thai people in the battle, and competing in the European Championships with Ms. Jetsuba Watcharapol, Co-CEO of Thairath TV and Thairath Online, Ms. Thanalai Watcharapol, Chief Content Officer. Therath Online Mr. Kittipat Viantham, Director of Government Business and Krung Thai Bank Public Company Limited participated in the ceremony.

Mr. Ouattara said campaign to encourage football, cheer loudly and get good luck, anytime, anywhere. It is an activity undertaken by the Thairath Group, as the country's leading media outlets, including Thairath Newspaper, Thairath TV and Thairath Online. It was organized to create color and provide fun in cheering on Thai people in the European Football Championship. By cooperating with a strong partner like Thailand Post. Organize a football cheerleading campaign to make it joyful and get good luck, anywhere and anytime, let Thai football fans join the excitement of football battle. A major world-class football match that has been around for more than 40 years, Thairath Group and Thailand Post have prepared a huge prize pool worth more than 10 million baht for the participants. Therefore, we would like to invite all Thai football fans to join in cheering loudly, handing out big prizes, and getting a chance to win the big group together, and we believe that Thai football fans will be able to cheer for their favorite teams too as they join in the fun through the campaign. “Cheer with football, cheer loudly and get good luck, anywhere, anytime.” and all media in thairath group

Mr. Danan Suvathavan, President of Thai Post Co., Ltd., said that Thai Post has a good relationship with Thai people in every household. So “Friends in Heart” comes to be an intermediary in providing happiness and fun to Thai people to have a chance to win the Euro Cup again through postcards and postcards online on Prompt Post App and also add another convenient option for customers to join enjoy the fun online on Prompt Post App. Paotang” at the same price of 2 baht per copy. You can join the fun from June 1 to July 14

As for the rules for predicting the results of the European Football Championship 2024, it has added excitement by giving Thai football fans the opportunity to win prizes starting from June 1, 2024 through 3 channels, and the first channel allows football fans to guess the results via postcard. Simply write your prediction clearly as to which team will be the winning team on a postcard from the Thai Post Company, one copy for every single guess. Type your first and last name. Address clearly sent via postal system to Thairath Newspaper, No. 1 Vibhavadi Rangsit Road, Chom Phon Subdistrict, Chatuchak District, Bangkok 10900. The deadline for submitting guesses is 14 July 2024 at 6:00 PM, with the date stamp on the postcard As follows: Important.

As for guessing the results using postcards online on the Prompt Post app and the “Paotang” app, click on the country you are cheering for in the system and select the number you want to guess. Confirm payment by 11:59pm on 14 July 2024 before the competition starts. The final will take approximately two hours at 2:00 AM on July 15 (Thailand time) across all three channels. You can submit your guesses to join the endless fun. This year there is a special draw for the final 16 teams so Thai football fans can join in the fun early in the season and the tournament draw takes place within 30 days after tournament day.

As for the prizes that the Thairath Group and Thailand Post have prepared to give away to the lucky winners who join the fun of guessing the results of the 17th European Football Championship through the “Celebrate Football” activity. Hey, be lucky anywhere, anytime.” The lucky winner will receive 46,000 baht worth of gold, and 16 prizes for guesses by June 26, 2024. In addition, the lucky winner will receive prizes in the first round. There will still be a chance to win prizes in the second round and there will be a second drawing round to find the lucky winner who guesses which team wins the competition. Another 16 prizes include the first prize, gold worth 6,500,000 baht, one prize. , 2nd prize, gold, worth 620,000 baht, 2 prizes, 3rd prize, gold, worth 310,000 baht, 3 prizes, and a gold prize, worth 60,000 baht, 10 prizes, total value 10,006,000 baht. Follow more news on the website. And all media in Thrath Group including Facebook, Thailand Post Company Limited and website

For the Euro Football Championship prediction project, Thrath newspaper and the giant sponsor partners were first held in 1992 (1992) to predict the results of the 9th European Football Championship in Sweden and in 2016 (2016) it was organized to predict the results of the 15th European Football Championship hosted by France. . A total of 165 million postcards were sent to guess the results, with the largest number of postcards guessed correctly. The Portuguese national team is the champion of UEFA Euro 2016, nearly 63 million copies, this prediction for UEFA Euro 2024 is the 17th time that Thairath Group and Thailand Post jointly organize for the happiness and joy of promoting football to the Thai people.

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