EU rules affect Apple and may allow users to uninstall pre-installed apps

The EU's so-called Digital Markets Act has been a nightmare for Apple, requiring numerous changes to comply with the regulations. Whether it is open to downloading applications from other sources. Even being open to alternative payment options lately, it seems the changes are far from over.

Via John Gruber of Daring fireball She pointed to an interview with Margrethe Vestager, founder of the Digital Europe Initiative, who said Apple should only add options to user-installed apps. But it should also include the apps you want to delete.

Vestager focuses on the Apple Photos app, which is built into iOS and acts as a photo and video gallery. Including the re-share feature

iOS allows us to share all the photos we want or just to other applications. Whether in local storage or iCloud, replacing it with another app is very difficult.

In contrast, the DMA requires Apple to open access to iOS APIs and features. Including payments, app installs, and everything the Photos app accesses. This mode is a throwback to Microsoft's experience in the early 2000s, which led to the need to separate Internet Explorer from Windows. Previously, this was not possible. It can be uninstalled

Currently, apps on iOS that can't be uninstalled include App Store, Camera, Messages, Phone, Photos, Safari, and Settings. We'll have to wait and see how it turns out. Apple will allow apps to be removed. these?


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