Erika Jayne accused Kathy Hilton of using anti-gay slurs

Erika Jayne recently claimed that she overheard Kathy Hilton utter an anti-gay slur during a reunion episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Here is everything you want to know.

Kathy Hilton denies Erica Jen’s accusations

TMZ recently reported that Erika Jayne claims that Kathy Hilton used an anti-gay word during the final episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion.

However, Hilton denies Jane’s accusations.

An insider with first-hand knowledge revealed that Jayne mentioned that Hilton issued an anti-gay statement during their trip to Aspen.

Furthermore, the source stated that Hilton used insults against a DJ in the club who refused to play the Michael Jackson song.

Furthermore, Jayne stated that the show’s cameras were not recording the time of the supposed accident.

Additionally, the production team was said to have investigated Jane’s claim but concluded that it was the 51-year-old’s words against Hilton.

Meanwhile, on the next episode of RHOBH, Jayne’s accusations aren’t modified. Hence, Hilton calls someone’s mother a liar by saying that she has never used the word homophobic.

Hilton also has other members of the reality TV series supporting her and they speak out about supporting her after she repeatedly denied Jen’s allegations.

Kathy Hilton Talks About Lisa Rina’s Aspen Meltdown

Lisa Rinna claims that Kathy Hilton had a breakdown during the cast member’s trip to Aspen. She further alleged that Hilton made rude comments about her, Kyle Richards.

Regardless, the socialite turned reality star is denying Rinna’s version of the story while speaking to Variety in a recent interview.

Let’s put it this way, she said: What I said wasn’t what Lisa said. I was in shock. This is why it dragged her for so long.

After that, she said, “I don’t talk like that! I love these girls. So I don’t know why she said that. And then I say what she said about my sister. That’s how you speak. I’m not talking about “I’m going to drop someone.”

On top of that, Hilton admitted that she got off the line momentarily.

She added, ‘I’ve said some very strong things. What can I say?’

Hilton went on to explain, “I tell her how I feel and she says, ‘I see, you’re preaching to the chorus. ‘Then I apologize to her? A few days later, I’m impressed, wait, what? What were you doing?’


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