Eric Ten Hoag should be sacked and Gary Lineker clearly indicates that the manager is fit to manage Manchester United.

Despite defeating Manchester City to win the Knockout Cup, the club's lackluster performance in the Premier League means he will almost certainly be sacked this summer ahead of the FA Cup final, according to the English press. League.

However, the former Ajax coach gave Manchester United a place in next season's Europa League after showing his ability to avenge his fellow city team and win the FA Cup trophy. After guiding the Dutch manager to two championships in two years, the Red Devils are likely to give him a chance to continue managing the team.

In this case, Lineker recently opened up on a podcast on May 28, stating that the Red Devils decided to sack Den Haag because a more suitable manager is ready to replace him.

“There were rumors about Pochettino, he said some things that make you think things are not going well at Chelsea, but I can't believe he's been sacked. As a coach, I think Pochettino has done a good job. I'd like to approach Manchester United, but Eric den Haag or Mauricio Pochettino is currently out of a job after parting ways with the Blues, not wanting to let United fans down again!

Commentator Alan Shearer added: “He should be somewhere else. He's a good coach. He'll get a good job somewhere else. He did everything he could to lead the team to the end of the season. He took the team to the cup final. And they should be playing European football. A crazy football club.

“If United wanted ten Hoag to stay on as manager, I'm sure they would have said so before the FA Cup final. But instead, Manchester United were one of the biggest clubs in the world, so I understand why there were doubts about ten Hoag's future. And finishing eighth “Unable to accept. or eliminated from the group stage of the Champions League.”

“At least the fans have something to celebrate with their performance. But we don't know what will happen next at United, it will be the start of something. And is this the end of the Ten Hoag era?”

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