English Premier League results: Manchester United lost at home to Arsenal 0-1.

Arsenal did not waste any victory, collecting 3 points, beating Manchester United 1-0 thanks to the winning goal scored by Leandro Trossard, allowing the Gunners to surpass Manchester City and return to the top of the standings again.

Super Sunday Premier League Football Game Sunday, May 12, 2024, Manchester United, who had fallen to eighth place before the match, will meet Arsenal at home.

In this match, Mikel Arteta's team needs 3 points to beat Manchester City and regain the lead again. As for Manchester United, it wants to score points to move up the rankings into European football.

Arsenal started the match with flashes of action and had the opportunity to attack the home team from the start of the match. But the final moment was not decisive enough.

Then Manchester United began to control the match to some extent and completely controlled the tempo of the game. But still dangerous enough to come in and finish off the score against the visiting team.

In the 20th minute, Arsenal took a 1-0 lead after Casemiro missed an offside check, which led to Kai Havertz sliding in and leaving Leandro Trossard easily ahead.

Arsenal then played cautiously, giving Manchester United the majority of the possession but were unable to close out the score.

The first half ended with the visiting team leading 1-0.

In the second half, Arsenal played strongly as usual. As for Manchester United, they could only control the ball and were still able to attack and shoot at the Gunners.

After that, no one scored more goals, and at the end of 90 minutes, Manchester United lost 0-1 at home and Arsenal once again outscored the leaders on 86 points, one more than Man City.

As for the Red Devils, their 19 losses were their first in a season since 1978, that is, 46 years ago.English Premier League results: Manchester United lost at home to Arsenal 0-1.

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