[En continu] The French took off their masks and on March 1 relaxed restrictions on the Philippines


Infection continues to decline, and thus occurs Removing restrictions. In New Delhi, the capital of India, night curfews were recently lifted and places of worship reopened.

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Wearing a mask is not mandatory in restaurants in France

Health restrictions in France have been further relaxed due to a decline in epidemics and a drop in the number of hospital admissions since they peaked at the end of January. As of today in France, the mask is no longer mandatory in vaccinated areas such as museums, theaters or restaurants. However, it is mandatory on transport such as train or air that requires a pass.

The rules also change for contact and vaccinated individuals. From now on, instead of the current three tests, only one test (self-examination, PCR or antigen) will be required two days after the declaration of contact case. If the self-test is positive, an antigen or PCR test is still needed to confirm the result. The isolation period remains unchanged if a positive test occurs.

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In schools, the restrictions are reduced: the protocol goes to level 2, which allows the mask to be removed during the break and allows more mixing between students of the same level. From Monday, two days after the child is declared a contact case, if he or she is negative, he or she should only do one self-examination before returning to class.

Philippines removes most restrictions

Presidential spokesman Rodrigo Duterte said Sunday that most restrictions on the Covit-19 virus will be lifted next month in the Philippine capital Manila and 38 other regions, following a sharp drop in infections and an increase in the number of people being vaccinated. Masks must be worn in public places, but it is no longer mandatory to play sports.

Spokesman Carlo Nogrells said businesses, government agencies and public transport would be allowed to operate at full capacity when the city of 13 million people was placed at the lowest alert level on March 1.

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