[En continu] On test positive, Christoph Dorpel is in solitary confinement


Vaud Province Announced that vaccination centers would be closed Gland, Aigle and Beaulieu.

“It simply came to our notice then This year marks the end of the acute phase of the epidemicThe head of the WHO said on Monday.

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காலை Press conference this morning for immediate removal of corona virus controls

Economic circles and a section of the right are meeting on Tuesday morning to resume their call to lift all restrictions related to the corona virus. The call will be made at a joint conference of representatives from the USAM, the Swiss Federation of Fitness and Health Centers, CastroSouis and UTC, the PLR ​​and the Center.

Christophe Torbelle Positive Test

The state councilor and head of Wallace’s economics and training department have tested positive for the corona virus and are currently isolated, according to a news release from Canton on Tuesday morning. His health is good and he continues to lead his department through telecommunications. His government colleagues are not in isolation, according to instructions from the Federal Public Health Office.

The WHO is confident and cautious

The WHO chairman said Monday that it was possible to end the acute phase of the epidemic this year. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, however, warned that “(the most pervasive variant) Omicron would be the last variant or that it would be dangerous to talk about the endgame” because conditions are currently “better” in the world for other variations to emerge.

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When can we say that the epidemic is over?

The potential for “highly contagious and highly dangerous” variation is “very real,” he said. The WHO chairman has been tirelessly urging member states for weeks to speed up the distribution of vaccines to poorer countries, with the goal of reaching 70% of each country’s population by mid-2022.

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