Elon Musk will ban Apple devices from the company's use after announcing cooperation with OpenAI

There is OpenAI without Elon Musk! After Apple's collaboration with OpenAI was announced at WWDC 2024, Musk was so upset that he banned Apple devices.

Why don't we have OpenAI and not Elon Musk?

Elon Musk and OpenAI have been at loggerheads since 2018. Musk resigns from OpenAI board position Giving the reason for this was that he did not want a conflict of interest with Tesla (which was also focused on AI at the time), but the main reason is believed to be that OpenAI did not accept Musk's offer to become CEO.

Since his resignation, whenever OpenAI has encountered a problem, Musk has repeatedly criticized it. WWDC 2024 has fueled these conflicts once again, as Apple and OpenAI work together to remove ChatGPT to improve Apple Intelligence (artificial intelligence in Apple devices). .

Example By upgrading Siri's capabilities, for example, users can ask Siri questions and see if Siri thinks ChatGPT can provide a better answer. It will ask for permission to share questions with ChatGPT and get ChatGPT answer directly without opening the app. If the user's question includes images, PDFs, or other documents, Siri will also ask for permission before sharing those files with ChatGPT.

Musk believes this is a serious privacy violation. If ChatGPT is to be used, it should be done through an app, not through integration with Siri andIf Apple integrates ChatGPT into its operating system it will also ban Apple devices from its company.

“If Apple pulls OpenAI technology into its operating system, Apple devices at my company will be blocked. This is an unacceptable security breach,” Musk posted on X.

This is partly because Musk believes Apple doesn't understand how OpenAI works and doesn't know what happens to data once it's submitted to OpenAI (in practice, it's users, not Apple, who decide to share their data).

Apple emphasizes that users' sharing requests and information will not be logged. Users can control when they use ChatGPT and should always ask permission before sharing information.

OpenAI also states that the company does not store requests and anonymizes users' IP addresses, and users can choose to link their ChatGPT account to use paid features on Apple devices, all in accordance with ChatGPT policies.

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