Elden Ring Player Messages Continue To Lead Me To Calm Insects

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When they are not Makes me laugh with dirty jokestrick me into hitting walls for hidden passages, or describe each animal as a dog, my fellow Tarnished does a great job of highlighting some elden ringThe strangest bugs across the messaging system.

I first stumble upon one of these letters while exploring Raya Lucaria Academy, an early play area that would resemble Hogwarts if overrun with puppet soldiers, giant crabs, and pot sprites instead of a set of Transphobia Wizards in training Constantly throwing themselves. I obsessively trying to read almost every little note left by other players (hey, I need all the help I can get) and couldn’t stop myself when I saw a few in a far corner of the road. The school’s outer pavilion was destroyed.

“Try to jump,” both letters suggested across dimensions, with one hinting at a “future bug.” I’ve done weirder things in elden ring, so I did as I was told and jumped into the space where the two walls met. It took a few tries, but once I got to the sweet spot, the world around me disappeared, leaving behind a ghostly void in which I could see the silhouettes of distant enemies. I fiddled with the glitch a little more, but fearing that it would crash my game, I left it alone after taking a few shots.

Thought this might be a one time thing, but I found a similar message much later during one of my long breaks elden ringUnderground megabiomes. As soon as I read the mundane scribble, tucked away in a corner in the Siefra River region, I knew I was in the shop for another glitch. I jumped into the recess and the game broke out like it was in the academy. It wasn’t quite as dramatic as before, but I still tried not to poke and nudge it too much for fear of upsetting the goddess elden ringLoss of progress in this difficult area.

I discovered another buggy elden ring On Twitter instead of the game. ShrimpChips, a Twitch streamer, posted about the issue a few days ago, I reached out to see if he wouldn’t mind pointing me at the hard-to-recognize point where he slipped across the game’s bounds. He didn’t, download Useful video Directions from the nearest checkpoint. Thank you, Shrimp Chips, you are a gentleman and a scholar.

It took a bit to get there because I hadn’t figured out the area in question yet. But after making my way through a pair of rotten gargoyles and what looked like an entire colony of giant ants, I finally made it to the building in the ShrimpChips video. Funny enough, the entire structure was a buggy mess and not just one corner, with just about every wall allowing me to slide safely out of bounds for a split second.

Like a lot of other areas, there were copious messages to players indicating how weird all this was.

Don’t get me wrong, elden ring It is a great and beautiful game. Development is difficult in the best of circumstances, so the fact that FromSoftware was able to create something with such ambition amid the confines of the pandemic is uncanny. These bugged walls and the messages that lead to them are just another example of the extent of the collective experience souls Games can be. Not only can players help their fellow celebs point out the unseen dangers lurking in each shade, but the notes they leave behind can also be used for something as simple as pointing out a glitch and saying, “That’s pretty weird, isn’t it?”

Let me know if you’ve found any other areas with weird, easy-to-replicate bugs and how (if any) you’ve pointed out the weirdness to other players. I would like to stop and vote on your post.

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