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Eight people have been killed in heavy rains in Canada

Giant storms swept across eastern Canada on Saturday, killing at least eight people, according to an official report revised upwards on Sunday. The Ontario Provincial Police told the CTVNews channel that seven people were killed when trees and branches fell on Saturday, against three counted by emergency services the day before.

The eighth death was reported Saturday in the Ottawa River after a boat sank in Gatino, a Quebec suburb of Ottawa.

Violent winds of up to 140km / h in eastern Canada from the center of the United States on Saturday summed up the national weather on Sunday, stressing that this was a rare event referred to as ‘Terego’.

“This storm is about 1000 km long, from Michigan to Maine”, the US states located in the center and northeast of the country, respectively, extending through the Canadian provinces of “Ontario and Quebec”, which is a summary of local radio David Phillips. Federal Ministry of Environment. “This is called a terrico: a long line of thunderstorms and micro-eruptions,” explained the famous scientist, ‘terecho’ is not a word we often use, it is a rare occurrence.

Roads are cut off and houses have no electricity

The federal capital, Ottawa, was particularly hard hit, with up to 900,000 homes losing power, while the streets were swept away by the hurricane with branches and a variety of objects.

“The last 24 hours have been very difficult,” Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson told a news conference Sunday afternoon, urging his fellow citizens to “remain optimistic despite the challenges of this summer’s devastation.” Local officials said it would take several days to clear all blocked streets and roads and return to normalcy.

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According to online readings from local energy providers Hydro One and Hydro-Quebec, about 300,000 homes, especially in the Ottawa and Laurentian areas (north of Montreal), were still without electricity on Sunday evening.

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