‘Ecstasy’ star Sidney Sweeney sparks engagement rumors

Cassie Howard may have found love after all.

Sydney Sweeney and longtime boyfriend Jonathan Duffino sparked engagement rumors after the “Euphoria” star was spotted wearing a massive diamond ring on her left finger.

The HBO star’s Diamond was shown in full as she was photographed chatting with a friend in Encino, California, on Monday.

Sweeney seemed to be in good spirits and at one point was seen smiling while enjoying the sunny day.

While the mega rock was unusual, Sweeney was dressed low in a pink zip-up jacket, black leggings and Ugg boots. She was wearing sunglasses and looked makeup-free.

Sidney Sweeney and Jonathan Duffino in 2018.
Sweeney and Jonathan Duffino have been linked as a couple since 2018.
Charlie Galley

The famous blonde actress was debuting a new red hairdo while on her descent.

Sweeney, 24, has been dating Davino, 37, since 2018, According to Elle . magazine. She is known to have kept her relationship private, although she has been seen showing off her PDA many times over the years.

Sidney Sweeney wears a massive diamond ring.
Sweeney rocked her red hair when she stepped out with the mega ring.

In 2019, the duo were seen celebrating Davino’s birthday in Tao Chicago and the following year they were seen enjoying a romantic vacation together in Hawaii. Last month, the couple looked dazed when they arrived at a flea market while holding hands in West Hollywood, Just notify Jared.

Sidney Sweeney wears a diamond ring.
She was casually dressed in leggings and a sweatshirt and did not appear to be wearing any makeup.

Davino is a restaurateur in Chicago, and his family owns the famous Italian restaurant Pompeii.

A Sweeney representative did not immediately respond to Page Six’s request for comment.

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