Ebenezer: A couple, parents of seven children, stabbed to death

It was in the midst of emotion and questioning that the people of Ebenezer (Vosjas) awoke to the priority district of justice. “I saw a lot of ambulances and police, but I still don’t know which family it was,” said a resident who contacted Le Parisien.

This morning, police found the lifeless bodies of a couple who broke down the door of their apartment on Avenue to President Kennedy. At 8:30 a.m., neighbors who heard screams such as fighting alerted them, according to a local channel. Vosges TV. According to first information, they will have seven children aged 5 to 21 years. When help arrived, the parents’ bodies (born in 1977 and 1978) lay lifeless.

The first elements of the investigation reveal that they were killed by a knife Morning Vosjas. Four of the seven children, including two adults from this family of Kosovar descent, were taken to hospital, according to France Blue. The older would have brought the younger to class. In fact, the trio, aged 5.9 and 14, were at school when the tragedy occurred.

According to a local newspaper quoting a source, “some witnesses say one of the siblings’ teenagers had a knife in his hand when help arrived.” By his side, France3 Reveals that death blows may have been inflicted on the chest.

Fights between children and parents

Vosges TV reports say teenagers were in the apartment and could not open emergency services and had to evacuate them through windows from the second floor. Local television reveals a knife was seized by police. According to witnesses, the family moved to the area two years ago. Vosjas Matin recalled that the mother, who had been the victim of domestic violence, had, in many cases, sought refuge with a neighbor.

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Epinal’s attorney Frédéric Nahon told AFP “the lifeless bodies of a woman and a man were found this morning in an apartment in Epinal.” “The investigation is ongoing and no hypothesis in the course of the facts is currently offered,” he added without further details.

“We must not start a feminism from the beginning,” Divisional Commissioner Bonillo warned. “It’s definitely more complicated than that. Neighbors describe fights involving parents and children.

Early in the afternoon, technical and scientific police were on site. An inquiry has been opened and the circumstances of this tragedy can be determined. The younger children of the siblings were cared for by the services of the Vosjas Department Council.

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