Drama Summary: Taylor Swift Concert Ticket Fraud Influencers – Victims Lose Hundreds of Thousands of Baht: PPTVHD36

A recap of the Taylor Swift concert ticket drama for both influencers and victims. Total loss hundreds of thousands The ticket shop issued a clarification and is willing to take responsibility.

It has become common to go back and criticize each other again for cheating on concert tickets. This matter is presented to us every year to see whether it is a matter of price manipulation. Or about transferring money and the store refuses to send concert tickets. Until the last thing became a hot topic because there were many victims. This was the origin of the hashtag #Buybybei on X (Twitter) when a famous influencer bought tickets to Taylor Swift's The Eras Tour concert in Singapore. But he was cheated on and was unable to attend the ceremony.

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The party ticket drama returns once again when a fashionista pleases Zhou. It was agreed to purchase concert tickets for the young artist Taylor. Swift from a store even though she was already waiting in front of the concert hall from Taylor's concert. Swift's events will be held in Singapore from March 2 to 4, 2024. It is the only country in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) that the artist has visited. As a result, there are many Thais waiting to go to see the concert this time, including “Zhou Pleum” as well.

Mr. Zhou was happy to post two clips on his personal IG about being cheated out of concert tickets. In the first clip, she was seen crying while people were watching her. There was a letter from Mr. Chu Blum stating this “I got cheated on my card for the first time in my life, I was shocked and speechless. I didn't think something like this would happen. I'm thrilled with P'Sa. “We really intended to get together. We've been waiting for this day for almost a year because of this song. We want to come and sing together. I will tell you soon why the accident happened. There are many people who have been cheated by the same Bloom seat. Same name too.”

The second clip is a clip in which Cho and other victims explain the reasons for their inability to attend the ceremony. Chu was happy to say that

I'm glad I got cheated on and couldn't go to the party. Well, we tried to scan the admission ticket, but the seat there was already scanned. When there were a lot of people trying to scan in the seats, he called everyone out. Now, it's not just whether I'm happy or not. Well, there were more than 8 people involved, and everyone was happy to buy tickets. Because I couldn't withdraw the card myself.

In addition to the victims that Cho was happy to meet while filming the clip. He also revealed that

“We all buy from the same store. That is, we cannot swipe the card ourselves. But we come first. Then we can scan. It shows that the card is a real card. But there are a lot of duplicate tickets. So Singapore invited everyone to come out.”

Before closing the clip, Cho was happy and concluded by saying:

There are numbers 32, 33, 34, 35, right? The smart seller took 32.33 to sell, then took 34.35 to sell, then went around buying and selling. Then everyone tried to scan their access cards, which they couldn't scan. Then he can change the portal and change the name. What was cut?

Victims say in the clip that total damage now amounts to more than several hundred thousand baht. The shops that sell concert tickets remain silent and unable to explain the situation faced by Cho Bloom and the victims.

In addition to Chu's joy, there were other victims who suffered the same thing. They started posting photos and messages on Twitter with the hashtag #Buybybei, which instantly became a hot topic.

One victim posted a photo of a concert ticket with a message saying: “We were the first to be seated and then we were taken out. “That's what the store does. If it doesn't work, I advise you not to buy from stores like this.”

Another user “My friends and I bought tickets for Taylor's concert in Singapore from the shop….. 4 tickets worth 32,000 baht, and when the day of the concert came, I was about to scan my ticket to enter the hall. The staff told us that it was a fake ticket made from Photoshop, and we were very shocked. The staff took us to the police at the stadium. He just asked where I bought it from.

On March 3, 2024, at 8:39 p.m., the concert ticket shop posted a message on “The store is not satisfied at all. We are currently collecting evidence to submit a report. Explain the issues raised in detail. Take responsibility for what happened and cannot escape it.”

The store also added the name of the bank account holder into which the victim transferred the money. “The ……. account holder has no interest in the incident. The shop would like to emphasize that ……. is not involved. Just be the account holder used to receive funds from the store. It is not a horse account.” With the clarification message in the X store application, it was reposted by more than 16.7 thousand people (March 4, 2024).

Then, at 9:47 pm on the same day, the account holder to whom the victim transferred the money also came out to clarify the matter, saying: “Hello, we… would like permission to clarify the following details. And making sure it is correct in all respects. “In fact, we found out about it with everyone and the store owner did not tell us anything. We found out about it with everyone when someone told us again.”

The account owner posted a picture with a message in the picture stating that he is the real account owner and that he is a friend of the store owner. But he does not have permission to access the store app to confirm your purity and more than 12.2 thousand internet users reposted the bank account holder's post (March 4, 2024).

After clarifying both the concert ticket store owner and the bank account holder to which the victim transferred the money, the hashtag #buybybei is still hot. Netizens wonder if the store owner really intends to scam them out of concert ticket money. So why do you have to use someone else's account to receive money? Is this considered tax evasion? We'll have to keep watching after it becomes a hot topic. The store owner will come out to provide additional clarifications and how to provide compensation to the victims.

How to report online concert ticket fraud

For the victims who purchased concert tickets from the aforementioned store or who suffered damages from purchasing concert tickets for other artists, most recently on the Facebook page. Cyber ​​Police – Royal Thai Armed Forces Headquarters has come out and published guidelines to prevent scams from scammers “To prevent criminals from seizing the opportunity to deceive and commit further fraud, the Cyber ​​Police or STAC recommends that victims can file a report online at www.thaipoliceonline.go.th Only one location and online notifications and the affected party is not obligated to pay any expenses if notified of the transfer of funds. Let's decide that he is a “fraudster”.

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