Drama in the Strappy-Brockvignes: How did they get seriously injured?

Strépy-Bracquegnies After the tragedy, the health of 10 seriously injured people is assured. Some are still in intensive care, all are still under intensive care, but their condition is stable.

We welcomed about ten people with various injuries. Many fractures and injuries but even traumatized people “, Reports the vice president of the emergency department at Jolimont Hospital. “All but 3 were still in intensive care and were able to return home. Personalized support for individuals in need of psychological follow-up “She adds.

If all of the physically injured are taken care of, it is inevitable that newcomers will continue to be hospitalized in the days to come. Following any shock. “This type of trauma can have side effects after several days. In this case, people can go to the municipal or emergency department that sets up the victim relief organization, where they will be welcomed and cared for by our team of emergency physicians and psychologists.The emergency physician concluded.

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