Dragon Age: Dreadwolf is the next Dragon Age game

BioWare has announced its next game, Dragon Age back in 2018On Thursday, she revealed her name: Dragon Age: Dred Wolf.

according to Blog post on BioWareSolas, in Dragon Age: Inquisition, is the nominal Dread Wolf and antagonist of the game. Calling Solas, BioWare says, “undoubtedly suggests an endless array of possibilities about where things might go.” The post says:

Some say he may be an ancient genie deity, but some say no. Others say he is a traitor to his own people… or a savior who is now trying to save them at the expense of your world. His motives are murky and his tactics at times questionable, which has earned him a reputation as something of a rogue deity – a dark and dangerous gamer.

As BioWare points out, it Gig back character Back during the game’s announcement in 2018, however, it says the game won’t require current knowledge of the series for new players wanting to jump into it. BioWare says in the post that it will share more details about the game “later this year.”

Publisher Electronic Arts and BioWare have not announced a release date or platforms for Dragon Age: Dred Wolf. Since it first revealed the fourth major Dragon Age game, BioWare . has been released concept art for the project and Brief teaser video. Dragon Age: Dred Wolf he is It is said to be a single player gamewith the downgrade of a multiplayer component planned early in development.

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