Dr. Krithai dies of cancer Make a popular page. Keep fighting. Fans flock to mourn.

Very sad, “Dr. Krithai”, 29 years old young doctor, owner of “Su Diva” page, has traveled from this world to the new world. Suffering from terminal lung cancer and undergoing treatment for a year, in the end, she was defeated, unable to resist saying goodbye to her family and wife and loved ones, never coming back. A father posted on Facebook that his son had taken his last breath. Along with wishing him a safe journey, people on social media poured in their condolences.

Finally, the day to say goodbye to Dr. Tai – 29-year-old young doctor, Dr. Krithai Thanakritsompat, professor at the Center for Clinical Epidemiology and Medical Statistics. Family Medicine Department Medical Faculty Despite being in good health, Dr. Krithai unexpectedly fell ill with stage 4 lung cancer at the age of 28, and Chiang Mai University, the owner of the “Su Diva” page, also came. It was a silent farewell to Dr. Krithai. Dr. Krithai’s father, Mr. Taipat Thanasompatkul, posted his son’s face on Facebook. The phone screen showed the number 10:59 AM. The sad news is that on December 5, Dr. Krithai has left this world and left for a new world. The post captioned the message: “Have a safe trip, son, use the hashtag “Fight Diva”. Many people came to mourn and offer condolences to Mr. Taipat’s family. Additionally, the post was shared over 100,000 times.

Dr. Krithai’s story became popular because on November 10, 2022, Dr. Krithai posted a message on Facebook after learning the results of a physical examination that showed Dr. Krithai had late-stage lung cancer. A personal book tells its story. Life from early childhood and life at Suankularp Vidyalaya School. The 56th generation of Chiang Mai had to leave Bangkok to live in Chiang Mai province until they took a medical examination and specialized in 2 areas. Chiang Mai University and plans to pursue a Ph.D. She is living a beautiful life and is about to marry her lover. Set roots by buying a home. Before ending the post with the shocking news that he has terminal lung cancer. Whether he is an athlete or not, take good care of your health by exercising regularly and going to the gym regularly.

Dr. Krithai created the page “Su Diva” to tell her story of her fight against lung cancer when she found out she had lung cancer and it created a buzz on social media. Because within a few days there were almost 800,000 followers and the followers also wrote encouraging messages. After that Dr. Krithai also wrote a book called “Su Diva”, revealing his life and giving insights. People know many important moments. Life. There was an explosion of buyers for the book, which was printed in October 2023. But cancer still hurts. Dr. Krithai was completely defeated and had to undergo a complete cure, but before that Dr. Krithai said goodbye to everyone. Dr Krithai has fulfilled one of his own dreams. On October 22nd he had a beautiful and loving wedding with his girlfriend “Dr. Beam” who is a university student in Chiang Mai Province. Then, on November 2, he posted personal Facebook messages. An update on the symptoms said “I can’t live much longer. If anyone has anything to say, please tell me. Please come. I should go in the middle of next month. See you later, that’s all I can type for now. Thank you for everything that happened in the past. I’m sorry if I offended anyone.”

On the same day that Dr. Krithai passed away, on Dr. Krithai’s “Su Diva” page, the page administrator posted an obituary message for “Dr. Krithai”, who as many of you may know Dr. Krithai passed away this morning. Because I know the doctor was sick last year. The doctor prefers to use the rest of the time. Be very valuable to those around you. We have created this page “Su Diva” to share the stories of the various ideas that Dr. Tai developed while battling the disease. So far the results in the community have exceeded what Dr. Tai and our close group of friends expected. Many of you have had the opportunity to come back and rethink your lifestyle. Many of you have shared stories of being sick. Many of you have regained the courage to continue living by studying medicine.

In addition to sharing many things with those around you as mentioned on the page. This page also serves as a moral support to doctors in their career. Many times Dr. Tai was discouraged or discouraged from the painful treatment. One thing that always inspires Dr. The story of the followers of the page “Su Diva” is a story that takes something from the writings of Dr. Tai. Now the “Su Diva” page has achieved its goals. We would like to thank everyone who has always supported us till date and who have always helped us to maintain this page as a friend of Dr. Thai. After this, there will be no post from the doctor. But we hope that the ideas and inspiration created by the doctor will be strongly spoken and transmitted to the people in the society. Thank you all so much Max, Chin, Gabe, page admins, keep fighting.

There is an epilogue from Dr. Krithai. In conclusion, if I were to sum up the lessons I learned from Nong Cancer during our time together, it would be: “Life is uncertain. Eventually we all die. Stay in the present and make the most of each day. Share some of your good fortune with him if you can do something for others. No matter how bad life gets, never give up hope in life.” Come to think of it, this is also an unusual thing. I used to take good care of myself before I die before I get old so that I don’t get chronic diseases like diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure etc. I wanted to be an old man with gray hair and muscles. Healthy but that day seems unlikely.

Dr. Krithai also wrote that I admit it is very painful. But this is life, a very fragile life. A life that we once misunderstood that we have the right to dictate for so long. I love my life so much now. I love everyone around me. I love everything I have. I love all that I am and of course I don’t want to leave. But I couldn’t do anything. I hope my story will help you look at your life again. Then suddenly I thought of something. Without needing a serious illness like mine. Dr. Krithai was traveling in Japan before completing his writing with the Universal Studios theme park story. The poignant last sentence is: “If the lights were on today and the carousel was still running, I’d enjoy the time I have.” The post has been liked by more than 100,000 people and shared more than 50,000 times.

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