Don't trust the bank Grandma hides 8 million baht in cash at home, and when she realizes that everything is gone, when she sees the stash, the police still have her head.

ELDERLY COUPLE DON'T TRUST THE BANK CHOOSE TO PROTECT YOUR ASSETS Over 8 million in cash hidden at home. I checked again and everything went away. Everyone was surprised when they saw where they were hiding.

Back on the evening of April 23, 2015, an elderly couple in Yingkou City and Liaoning Province, China, worriedly reported to the police that their home had been robbed and ransacked. And carrying all the money When the officials found out about the missing amount, I couldn't help but be surprised because I didn't believe it. Two elderly people will keep this huge amount of cash at home.

According to information provided to the police, Mr. Liu said that he and his wife live a frugal life. Struggling to have little capital so they opened a small supermarket in their neighbourhood, although it was not a big business. But it helps them both have money to spend in their old age. He gave all the money he earned to his wife to keep. By the time of the accident, they had raised a total of 1.62 million yuan (more than 8 million baht).

However, because they felt “unsafe” to leave their money with the bank, the 60-year-old couple decided to hide all their savings “under the bed” in their bedroom, believing the bed was specially designed. There was a large drawer hidden under the mattress. It would be a perfect hiding place that no one would be able to find, but that's not the case.

On the day of the incident, after dinner, Mr. Liu and his wife continued to go for a walk as usual. Once the door of the house was closed but not locked which led to the above tragic events… After returning from the walk they were both shocked to find out that the house was cheap. All the drawers and cupboards in the house were destroyed. The furniture was scattered. Including the bed in the bedroom. Realizing the seriousness of the accident, he immediately called the police. Even the officials were shocked by this huge amount.

Upon arriving at the victim's home, the police try to find evidence at the scene. They found small footprints in the hallway, as well as incomplete fingerprints left accidentally by the suspect. To find more clues they also knocked on the doors of all nearby residential areas. From here I checked the camera and found two mysterious men who appeared to be carrying strange bags. Which has a lot of weight and when the couple saw the bag, they shouted loudly: “Those are our papers.”

After confirming that the two people in the photo were suspects, the police immediately formed a special task force to track down the two men. Because his face was hidden during the incident, identifying them becomes difficult. Meanwhile, police also contacted 13 other banks in the city, waiting for the robbers to complete financial transactions. But several days passed without any useful clues.

At this time, police have no choice but to post tip notices throughout the city. Fortunately, city security guards recognized the face of one of the suspects and called the police. It turned out that the perpetrator was a 40-year-old man, who had previously been sentenced to 9 years in prison for theft. He was released from prison in 2003, and is still 12 years later. They are “getting used to the old ways” and continuing to commit crimes.

Immediately after the suspect was identified, police quickly tracked down the 40-year-old man and arrested him in Inner Mongolia. Not long afterward the identities of the conspirators were revealed. It was discovered that we are his grandson. He was arrested a day later in Liaoning, however, the police were able to confiscate only 1.35 million yuan (about 6.9 million baht) of money and a car worth 150,000 yuan (about 770,000 baht) that had already been spent previously.

At the police station, the two suspects admitted that they had been wandering around the neighborhood where Mr. Liu resides for some time, searching for “victims” after they accidentally found Mr. Liu and his wife leaving without locking the door. He quickly crept into the house and started searching for things. While destroying the furniture, he accidentally discovered a secret drawer under the bed. So he decided to steal all the money.

In the end, the two thieves were sentenced to 10 years in prison for theft, while Mr. Liu and his wife did not dare to hide the money at home anymore, but quickly deposited the money in the bank…

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