Don’t just praise “Usanee Mahagitsiri Leoneo” for her position as runner-up for the Tennis Sports Club.

One day, my daughter came to tell me that there was going to be an open tennis tournament. From the gym “I wanted my mother to compete. Khun Tok, who wanted to be a role model for my children, applied. But when I saw the other four teams competing, I was secretly shocked that there were only talented people. But I couldn’t back down. So I started training.” Without expecting to win I just want to do my best. Let your kids see – but it looks like he got second place in the tennis gym

When I told anyone listening that he was the runner-up everyone was excited because he was so talented, but Khun Tok laughed and hurriedly said not to praise him yet. Because there came a story behind it: Before the competition, the first team said goodbye because they had to go abroad, and the next day, the other team withdrew again. Because I have to go to other provinces. The day before the competition another tennis player practices a lot. So the arm is injured and therefore unable to compete. This leaves only two teams. When a competitor wins and becomes the champion, Khun Tok automatically becomes the runner-up. Khun Tok is still confused about how this happened. Suddenly three competitors withdrew in an incredible way, thanks to the angels of heaven and earth. Maybe it would help inspire me to become the runner-up champion in the first competition.

I want to keep him in my memory. He grew up in Silom Soi 5 and 7 Dr. Veena Chirdbanshat I often tell my children and grandchildren that Grandma and Grandpa live in this alley. In the past, it was V-shaped and could be entered and exited through two alleys. The mouth of the alley belongs to Phraya Seri Cholasuek and Phraya Surasena in the alley are dirt roads. Later it was converted into a gravel road. It is easy for cars and people to get in and out. But during the rainy season it is a bit difficult. Because the road was rough, Mrs. Fina used to wade through the water. Because of Silom’s flooding throughout the waterfront, there was no running water or electricity. There were only wells, ditches, kitchen gardens, vegetable gardens, and a few houses. As for Grandpa and Grandma’s house, it is a two-story wooden house, and the basement is open but beautifully tiled. Part of it is intended for children’s play. Later, my grandmother gave the land to my mother. The mother gave it to Khun Fina by paying half the amount. So that the mother had money to use and was able to share it with all her children. Ms. Fina grew up with her grandmother. When she died, she collected land next to the Bangkok Bank’s head office to build the Trinity Complex 35 years ago, which was famous at the time for its beautiful, luxurious architecture. The lobby floors and all the bathrooms are covered in marble. Double-layer room partition walls, soundproof each room.

When I grow up, talk to friends about the changing lifestyle. People don’t want to bear the burden of taking care of a big house. Especially for the elderly, with children and grandchildren separated in their homes, Khun Phina, who owns several three-bedroom apartments in Trinity, from floors 10 to 21, had an idea. I wanted to make it a home for people who want to live a comfortable life in the city center, so I created the project “Let’s exchange with Dr. Wina Cherdbonchart” through exchange. It can be traded or it can be rented for a short or long period, for example to someone who has land on the sea. Pattaya or Hua Hin and will be exchanged at a fair price. It will be in the city center in a spacious 215 square meter pavilion, easy to walk anywhere. Close to supermarket, public and private hospitals, children’s school, close to BTS, only 50 steps from Chong Nonsi station. Providing services equivalent to a first-class hotel, there is a housekeeper, cleaning, security system, beautiful gardens, an exercise path around the garden, around the building, a playground, and a 25-meter swimming pool – in this project, Khun Veena does not employ a sales representative because She wants to speak for herself, so open the number 08-1811-3888 for interested people to call and talk so they can get real information from the owners who live in this area. This building has been here since the beginning.

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