Donald Trump has fired back in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is definitely in the running for midterm elections these days. On Saturday evening in Wilkes-Barre, Donald Trump, who supported gubernatorial hopeful Doug Mastriano, and Mehmet Oz, who ran for the Senate, attacked Democrats and Joe Biden. He called him “enemy”. His successor has already visited the state twice in the past week. And I’ll be back in Pittsburgh on Monday labor day. The midterms almost bring the presidential election.

Besides, Joe Biden isn’t hiding it: these elections will really be a referendum on Trump. That’s why the Democratic president delivered a speech Thursday evening scathingly criticizing Trump and “MAGA Republicans” (Make America Great Again), who in his view “represent extremism that threatens the very foundation of our republic.

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“Evil Monsters”

Donald Trump’s response was swift. She became bitter. He appeared in a public meeting Saturday evening for the first time since the FBI raided his home in Mar-a-Lago, Florida, on August 8. The object of the search? Dozens of boxes of classified documents that Trump took with him when he left the White House were to be turned over to the National Archives. “Save America!” His disdain for the FBI inevitably came out during the meeting on the subject.

Greeted to a soundtrack of Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the USA,” Donald Trump called the Justice Department and the FBI “evil monsters,” spoke of a “raid” and insisted they “invaded the home of his main political enemy.” ”. The midterms, he insisted, were a vote on “Joe Biden’s extremism.” He described the Democratic president’s speech as “the most hateful and angry speech ever issued by an American president.” And dropped a mocking spade: “The next day, he even forgot what he said”.

He then chained his usual accusations, from the Hillary Clinton email affair, to the “stolen ballot” of 2020, to the “Russia hoax.” With him at the White House, he confidently assured again that “Vladimir Putin would not have dared to invade Ukraine.”

Games and series

Meanwhile, Marjorie Taylor Green, who flirted with conspiratorial movements and was elected to the House of Representatives, attended the meeting, multiplying the attacks against Joe Biden. She compared him to Hitler and, in a video, did not hesitate to declare that he was trying to kill Republicans like her.

Election campaigns in America are always very violent. But the particular context of 2022, with Donald Trump more upset and blameworthy than ever, and Marjorie Taylor Greene, an expert on all kinds of controversies, guaranteed a fireworks display of slurs.

Joe Biden won Pennsylvania in 2020. But in 2016, Donald Trump surprised everyone by becoming the first Republican candidate to win the White House in nearly three decades.

In a sign of the times, CNN and MSNBC broadcast Joe Biden’s address to the nation live on Thursday evening, Other national channels deemed it “too political” and decided to drop it. ABC wants to air a game, “Press Your Luck,” notes Washington Post, and NBC aired an episode of the detective series “Law and Order.” CBS decided to skip the presidential address. Unsurprisingly, on Saturday evening, Donald Trump, not yet president and not yet a candidate, received very weak media coverage. But at CNN, a shift is taking place: Many journalists consider anti-Trump positions to be overt. Had to leave the channel last days

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