Doctor Bly warns that this month’s warning is even stronger! Rahu enters and affects everyone Be careful about dams and volcanoes.

This month’s warning is still strong from Rahu, which affects almost everyone, whispers Dr. Bloy Brai. The water situation is even worse. I saw a picture of a dangerous dam. You must be careful!

On October 6, 2023, Mor Ploy Prai Quip appeared as a guest on Sake. He warned about things to watch out for in October. It is the strongest month of the year. I mean, he said it from the time of his ordination. This year is the Year of the Fire Rabbit, there will be fires, gunshots, smog, people will have things to worry about. Must be quite shocking

Dr. about the abundance of water for the water situation. Bly said it would be fine until the middle of November. He asked if it would be dry. There will be another drought early next year. Looks like it hasn’t been stored well. At this time, the water is very strong. And there is the matter of dangerous dams. I want you to be careful again. Where is the cement to stop the water like a dam or water reservoir and which part is it? It should be near Isaan, probably not after 20th October.

For the rest of October you should worship Phra Rahu well. Because it’s about water. There are many problems in life. Including the things that make a living i.e. all the afflicted because of the city horoscope, country horoscope, Rahu coming this year. There will be problems in management. People of color have a lot of problems. And the story of the people wearing orange patterns will be even more popular. The story of the saints and girls will be funnier than ever in November. That would be popular news.

In addition, Mor Bly also warned of volcanoes. This is a long inactive volcano. There will be a fault or split. You have to be careful. What you see is an old mountain range. Before there was water, the water drained away. Located on the north-east side, the fault movement is on the north side. I wish November nothing happened. This move will have a long-term impact. At first people don’t realize yet but in next 3 years it will affect water, land and many other sectors.

More Play was asked about the situation in the last quarter of the year. He said that the Buddha and the Gods would come to help more people than ever before for those who had accumulated merit. And those who ask you in the right way what is going to happen in many places like fires, fires, and incidents in places of assembly, places of assembly, panic and dispersal. More such pictures to be seen but let’s keep it light it’s in November.

As for December, the epidemic will return. And tourism can cause problems so let’s make it better. Old diseases will come. Must be protected at all costs till March next year Medicine will be very necessary for our life.

Additionally, Dr. Bly warned him not to quit his job. Please keep your job as long as you can. Don’t rest because more people will replace you from abroad than before. Then we will be unemployed. As for October, there will be an explosion and fire again, you have to be careful, I think it’s the surrounding area. Not in the middle of Bangkok

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