DL David Hicks Jr. is committed. Five Star Commitment to Texas A&M

Katie, Texas – In a surprising commitment to recruiting fans and analysts, five-star Katie Paetow (Texas) defensive line David Hicks Jr. Declared his commitment to Texas A&M Oklahoma On a Wednesday afternoon at a party at his high school.

Conversations took place with both coaching staff in the final hours, but his discussion with Texas A&M was good enough to put Aggies on edge.

“They were just telling me it was my priority and what the depth chart looked like,” Hicks said. “Just show me how they will use me and how they need me there.”

His relationship with the defensive line coach Elijah Robinson Dating back to his time in middle school, he was a big reason he took his talents to College Station.

“Coach E and I are really close,” he said. “I always come back and visit on June 1st once the death period is over. I have a really good relationship with him, he’s like an uncle and nephew.”

That early relationship also helped Texas A&M see Hicks develop as a person and as a player throughout his time in high school.

“It was really important because I’m really big in relationships,” he said. “I’ve been committed to them since the eighth grade so they’ve seen me develop into the player I am now.”

Defensive Analyst Tony Giroud Eddy Defensive coach ends Terry Price They also played a large role in continuing the family atmosphere that had been built with Hicks and his family.

“Coach E, Coach Tony and Coach Price are really great coaches,” he said. “I feel that they can develop me in all aspects of life, even as a man. They are right close to home. I will be able to stay close to home and close to my city.”

The element of surprise was probably the hardest thing for Hicks while recruiting, as he felt many people expected him to be sooner until his announcement.

“I was predicted in Oklahoma and didn’t want to be predicted again, so I just tried to keep calm,” he said.

Looking back, Hicks is grateful for his journey up to this point and looks forward to what he can do at College Station.

“It was a really fun ride, the whole hiring process,” he said. “I remember getting my first FBS show from SMU. I remember being camped in 8th grade and those moments were what really started it all. I’m glad I’m now where I am.”

At 6 feet 4, 255 pounds, Hicks is the 13th-ranked inductee in the country for the 2023 class, according to Rivals. He’s the No. 1 strong defensive end in the country and No. 3 recruit from Texas.

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