Destructive rebellion. London has been hit hard by climate change.

A large crowd protested in London on Saturday at the call of the environmental movement Destruction Rebellion. He called for an immediate halt to the new infrastructure linked to fossil fuels and warned of a climate emergency, causing major disruption.

The movement has been carrying out a series of activities for a week demanding an end to fossil fuels.


According to the movement’s Twitter account in the United Kingdom, “thousands” of protesters “occupied” the Marble Arch district of the British capital in the afternoon, not far from Hyde Park. Protesters sat on the roof of a limousine and tied themselves up.

Referring to “significant traffic disruptions”, according to the police, demonstrators tweeted themselves into the vehicle in the middle of the road, “according to the police, they belong to the police.

In the morning, the group’s militants settled in a tank truck, blocking a vehicle on a street near Hyde Park.

Three activists, including 2012 Olympic canoe slalom champion Etienne Stott, climbed onto the tank in the color of an oil tanker shell and unfurled a banner reading “End Fossil Filt”. According to a press release issued by the Rebellion.

“I know my actions cause anger in many people, but I’m willing to take responsibility,” Etienne Stott was quoted as saying in a statement. “But our government must also be held accountable for decisions that destroy the ability of our planet to support human civilization,” he added. Police said six people were arrested.

A series of actions

The movement took a week-long series of measures to put an end to the fossil fuels, especially last Friday when a coup led to the closure of the famous Tower Bridge.

This Friday, activists blocked four London bridges and took action at the Shell or Lloyd Insurance Market premises in London earlier in the week.

The Extinction Rebellion says that Emma Smart, the movement’s scientist who started her hunger strike after being detained following an operation at the Ministry of Energy for a week, was also released on Saturday.

The government says several groups, including ExxonMobil, have received restraining orders aimed at blocking access to several oil depots by Just Stop Oil operatives in recent days.

Under pressure from the Ukraine war and inflation, Boris Johnson’s government last week unveiled a new energy security strategy that will accelerate the growth of nuclear and renewable, but fossil fuels in the North Sea.


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