Destiny: Politics from the reign of King Narayana to the reign of Phra Pitraja (the era of the expulsion of the West)

Finally, period drama Saucepan sequel to New Year’s Eve formation ROM is expensive TV script by Prayers Directed by Saraswade Wongsombich, it is broadcast on Channel 3 from October 11, 2023, and has already been watched by Thai people.

Well worth the long-awaited dramaSaucepan The production came out well. Don’t let your viewers be disappointed. It’s a drama that captures the details well. Certain scenes and situations raise questions from every era in the Ayutthaya period.

Regardless of the eraVishnu Towards the end of the Narayana era, the story of Phra Bai, the adopted son of King Naray. Some say that he may be the secret son of King Naray.

Phra Bai was devoted to Lord Narayana since childhood. He lay vigilantly at his feet and waited to help him sit up. But in the end he was executed for political reasons.

If anyone watched it last week, episode 2 (October 19, 2023), the scene where Phra Ramnarong and Chan draw. Stopping to visit Okiavi Suta Sakhon (Pope Thanawat Vadhanabhuti) and Mother Ying Karakit (Bella Rani Kampen). At one point they asked Karakit: “Will Ayutthaya still exist in the future?” Karakit had a divided expression on his face and replied: “Ayutthaya, the temples and the canals are still there.”

Back to the history of Ayutthaya era.King Narai the Great (2199 – 2231 BC) It was a prosperous era as Westerners came to Ayutthaya to develop friendly relations. Starting to accept new lecturers

Until afternoonFara Bechara(1688-1703) It was an era in which there was a fundamental hatred of the West. And not to the extent of closing the door on relations with every country. I just don’t like the French.

Destiny: Politics from the reign of King Narayana to the reign of Phra Pitraja (the era of the expulsion of the West)

The age of Vishnu is open to new sciences

Referring to the Somdej eraVishnuMaharaj, what the Thais are probably thinking about is developing friendly relations with King Louis XIV of France for trade

It also trades with different countries, including China, Japan, Iran, England and the Netherlands, and there are many foreigners who come to Ayutthaya. This number includes Chao Phraya Wichain (Constantine Falcon), a Greek who has come to serve in government service.

Meanwhile, His Majesty also kindly appointed a diplomatic team led by himChow Phraya Kusathipudi (Skillet)He traveled to develop friendly relations with the French court. During the reign of King Louis XIV 4 times

In the drama from likhet the age of Vishnu was the glorious ageChow Phraya Kusathipudi (Skillet) But when the afternoon cameFara Bechara Who does not like the West at all Chao Phraya Kusathipudi (Pan)’s path was not smooth and he was often punished.

Destiny: Politics from the reign of King Narayana to the reign of Phra Pitraja (the era of the expulsion of the West)

Even in the era of Phra Petraja an episode in the drama Gayjavi Suta Sakhon told Mother Ying Karakit that “Pra Petraja was very angry. Phra Saeng used to cut off the tip of Chao Phraya Kusathipudi (frying pan) nose.

There is some evidence that “the nose was cut off. Because he was accused of being loyal to France and King Narai. And the last moment it is recorded that he decided to commit suicide in 1700, and some evidence says that he was beaten with a rope until he died. Therefore, there is no definite conclusion.”

Kusapan is said to be the ancestor of the family of King Buddha Yudva Chulalok the Great. Chao Phraya’s father was Wongsathirat (Khun Thong), who later entered the service of King Suya. He was also the grandfather of Phraya Rajanikul (Thongkham), the father of Somdej Phra Pathom Purumahajanaka, the father of King Buddha Yodva Chulalok the Great.

Destiny: Politics from the reign of King Narayana to the reign of Phra Pitraja (the era of the expulsion of the West) Another notable story of the Narai era is the building of the city of Lopburi. The second capital in 1666, he went to stay in Lopburi every year for several months at a time because there were many enemies surrounding him. Because some members of the royal family were slaughtered and exterminated several times. Including stories of new and old ministers.

In addition, in the time of King Narai and there are Western documents that confirm this, he was not very popular among the people. Because throughout his rule there were wars abroad and suppression of rebellions inside the country. So peasants had to be recruited to fight. Suffering from war poverty

Until King Narai’s death in 1688 in the Sudtha Sawan throne room, Phra Narai Ratchanyoet. Lopburi Province He ruled for 32 years, at which time Phra Petracha ordered his remains to be brought from Lopburi to Ayutthaya. Via the royal barge Si Samratchai

Phra Viet Racha era do not like foreigners

King Rama 28 of the Kingdom of Ayutthaya and the first king of the Ban Phlu Luang dynasty. It was the last dynasty to rule the Kingdom of Ayutthaya before its second defeat in 1767.

In the wedding the story was laid out: Phra Petchara grew up with Vishnu because her mother was King Narai’s nurse and her younger sister Thao Sri Chulalak (Cham) was the chief concubine of King Narai the Great. He served in government service until he became trusted and served closely.

During the period when Phra Phet Racha ascended the throne after King Narai the Great. Drama of Destiny – Raising the expulsion of Westerners as a major political issue. He wanted to expel the French. But there is still a trade relationship with the Netherlands.

Throughout the 15-year rule of Phra Petraša politics and wars between cities are something that happens often. His rule changed the form of government of Smouha Fara Kalahum. Which originally had the authority to manage military affairs unilaterally throughout the Kingdom to manage military and civil affairs in the southern governorates.

Destiny: Politics from the reign of King Narayana to the reign of Phra Pitraja (the era of the expulsion of the West) As for Somunayuk, he previously managed all civil affairs throughout the kingdom. Changing the administration of military and civil affairs in the northern provinces and handing them over to the Treasury has the authority to supervise trade with foreign countries and the eastern coastal provinces, both in military and civil affairs.

Even during the reign of Fra Petracha there would be many revolts. But he brought peace to the country throughout his rule.

Many historians argue that the refusal to submit to Western power was threatened during the Ayutthaya period and this allowed the nation’s independence to be preserved.

It is difficult to predict whether this is the case or not, but changes in each era will have an impact on Thailand today.

Order of Kings of the Ban Phu Luang Dynasty

The Ban Phlu Luang dynasty was the fifth and last dynasty to rule the Kingdom of Ayutthaya.

Before the second loss of Ayutthaya there had been a total of 6 kings in the dynasty, from the reign of Phra Petracha in 1688 to King Ektat in 1767, a total of 79 years.

  • King Phra Viet Racha ruled from 1688 to 1703 (15 years)
  • His Majesty King Suryandrathibodhi (King Swa) ruled from 1703 – 1708 (5 years)
  • Somdej Phra Thienang at the End of the Pond (Phra Chao Thai Sa) – ruled 1708-1732 (age 24)
  • His Majesty King Burumakot – reigned 1732-1758 (age 26)
  • King Uthomborn – reigned 1758 (2 months)
  • Somdet Phra Thenang Suryasat Amarin (King Ektat) – reigned from 1758 to 1767 (9 years)Destiny: Politics from the reign of King Narayana to the reign of Phra Pitraja (the era of the expulsion of the West)

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