DeRozan’s Journey, Kobe Effect, Become the Best NBA Closer, More

Bulls fans have fallen in love with DeMar DeRozan this season, as he combined an MVP-caliber performance and helped transform the Bulls from a bottom line player to an Eastern Conference title contender. It’s really unbelievable what he’s done in such a short time here. But what’s even more impressive is how he got here.

Tyler R. Tynes He sat down with DeRozan recently for an interview with GQ magazine, which is a must-read for Bulls fans and hoop fans in general.

DeRozan discusses his career and, more importantly, his transformation from a 19-year-old rookie in Toronto to one of the best players in the game today. Growing up in Compton, California, DeRozan loved Kobe Bryant as a child, and this advice Bryant gave him is that he still lives his life to this day.

DeMar tells me he tries not to look back on his life, but I watch him think for a moment, before bringing in the late Kobe Bryant. During their friendship, Kobe would tell DeMar to “be true to yourself – master whatever is comfortable with you in the beginning, before anything.” He stressed that the most important part is not to let anyone influence you. Start. Don’t let your mind change while you are on a unique journey others can not understand. DeMar found strength in that. He worshiped Kobe as a boy, so this advice became scriptural, a creed he would stick to forever. The only thing he needed to know was that for him The way was the right way. If Kobe believes in him, and Kobe orders him to stay strong, who cares what people think of him?

Tynes does a beautiful job of summarizing the pivotal chapters of DeRozan’s life and career in the right notes and highlighting the transformation from Compton kid to one of the best NBA players these days. I highly suggest you read it today.

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