'Deputy Spokesperson of the Ministry of Public Health' reveals policy to care for Thai people, builds medical center to generate income for medical workers

“Jirapong” reveals that “Somchak” has announced a policy to improve the situation in line with the Thai public health environment. Strengthen the Thai people to strengthen and increase the capital for the human body Within 1 year, we will definitely look at it, with the goal of building a medical center to take money for the country. Generate additional income for the medical workforce Reduce inequality with the private sector

Mr. The Deputy Spokesperson of the Ministry of Public Health said that Jirapong Sangwatsaraphon will deliver policies to the Ministry of Public Health from the meeting 2024-2025 Mr. Somchak Thepsudin, Minister of Public Health He feels relieved for the Thai people. Because he clearly translated the message of government policy. A few more issues have been added and updated to suit the Thai public health environment.

The first point focuses on strengthening and increasing the capital for the human body. This is considered the first expense we have. When your body is healthy, it brings many benefits to your life. A philosophical concept is that eating is medicine. It is better than taking medicine with food. From the idea of ​​getting better within 1 year, Mr. Somchak definitely has a good plan to promote good health and habits for Thai people.

The next edition of the report calls for administrators and medical staff in the Ministry of Public Health to do business together. Jirapong said. Apart from this issue being a health @ medical focus, it is the policy of Prime Minister Chettha Davis. Thailand intends to use the good quality of hospitals to increase revenue for the country, including traditional Thai massage and the use of Thai herbs to attract foreign currency into the country, Mr. Somchak also looks at generating income for border provinces. Promote it as a specialized medical center for the benefit of Thai people in marginal provinces bordering neighboring countries. Convenience to access public health services in one's home province. Reduce congestion in big cities and generate income from those foreigners for the hospital to generate income for further development of the hospital.

Mr. Chomchak has ordered a task force to gather such information in order to design a possible pilot provincial plan. Jirapong said. Currently, rough provinces include Nong Khai, Muktahan, Cha Kaeo and Kanchanaburi. The end point is to generate income for government medical workers. The Ministry of Public Health, whose income is still higher than the private sector, should expedite studies and propose solutions. To provide morale and motivation to the employees of the Ministry of Public Health. From these additional issues, I believe Thailand's public health will take another leap forward.

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