DeMeco Ryans interest in the Texans job was not affected by his previous lawsuit against the team

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When it comes to the history of litigation between a prospective employer and potential employee, the door certainly doesn’t swing both ways. An employer may not legally bear a grudge; Can the employee at all.

As explained Jonathan Jones From CBS Sports, the fact that 49ers defensive coordinator DeMeco Ryans sued Texas He does not underestimate his interest in the job.

Some would say that’s obvious considering the Ryans, as you know, interviewed for the job. But interviewing for a job and taking it are two different things. Ryan must be willing to let go of his past.

Most likely, it will not be difficult for him to leave the past behind. The lawsuit stemmed from Ryans, a former Texas player, suffering a ruptured Achilles tendon while playing in Houston as a member of the Eagles. His attorney sued everyone potentially responsible for the circumstances that caused the injury, as attorneys often do. Then the court system finds out who is responsible and who is not.

Obviously, the lawsuit resulted in no problem with the Ryans in Texas. The injury case is less personal and volatile than the lawsuit Brian Flores filed against Texas last year, claiming that he was not hired to be the head coach in retaliation for a discrimination lawsuit he had filed against the NFL for several weeks. Previously. This year, Texas hasn’t met Flores.

The fact that Ryans suffered and acted upon an injury to an alleged sub-par playing surface would make him an attractive option for current and future Texans players. Presumably, his personal history will make him a fierce advocate for safety on the surfaces his players are expected to perform on, home and away.

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