Definitely fun! The music festival “LEO FEST” features 28 famous artists. Giving happiness at the end of the year

Pattaya is definitely going to be hot!!! LEO FEST The Adventure Pattaya is organizing a fun end-of-year music festival from 11-12 November 2023, bringing together 28 of Thailand’s top artists. Delivering the full fun in two stages over two days at Wisdom Valley, Pattaya, Chonburi Province.

Let me tell you, this year there is no slight. The LEO FEST music festival, under the concept of adventure, is a kingdom that brings together all the treasures of fun and enjoyment. Ready to take everyone to find fun-filled excitement. To provide enjoyment to the fans the response from the LEO FEST The Adventure music festival in Saraburi province last June. I found that there was an overwhelming response. Expanding LEO FEST The Adventure Pattaya Music Festival this time, we believe that this year’s fans will give you an overwhelming response as always.

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In order to highlight the “LEO FEST The Adventure Pattaya” event that will be held from November 11 to 12 at Wisdom Valley, Pattaya, Chonburi Province, Leos will be required to explore the mysterious kingdom that has emerged from under the belly. The sea is ready to open for everyone to come and experience the fun together for two days, in two stages by bringing together 28 famous artists in Thailand. Come to provide complete fun and enjoyment, including THREE MAN DOWN, TILLY BIRDS, INK WARUNTORN, DEPT, ATLAS, HYBS, THE PARKINSON, PARADOX, URBOYTJ, YENTED, GREASY CAFE, SWEET MULLET, RETROSPECT, BANK PREETI, LOMOSONIC, COCKTAIL, MOVING and CUT, 4EVE, LIPTA, POLYCAT, NONT TANONT, BIG ASS, YOUNGOHM, KLEAR, ANATOMY RABBIT, INDIGO, TATTOO COLOR and TAITOSMITH. Tickets can be purchased at and 7-11 all branches.

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