December 3, 1994 – The twenty-ninth anniversary of PlayStation brings you back to legends and childhood memories. What game do you carry in your heart?

After collaboration with Nintendo became barren in the air. Sony tried to talk to SEGA (Sega), Nintendo’s main competitor during that era. Sony wanted to develop a CD-ROM gaming system using Sega’s game consoles. But Sega was not interested in this offer. Because Sega itself developed a CD game console called “SEGA Saturn”.

Having your heart broken twice equals being alone in the gaming market so Sony used what it had at hand. It was the technology and capital from the parent company that brought the CD system and revived the Super Nintendo CD project to create its own gaming console called the “PlayStation”.

Although Nintendo was filed a lawsuit asking the court to order Sony to stop development. This is because this project contains some information that Nintendo owns the copyright to. But the court did not accept the case. Allow the project to move forward

Time passed until finally, on December 3, 1994, Sony sent the first generation “PlayStation” or PS1 on sale for the first time in Japan. Before September of the following year it will be sold in the United States.

Over 102 million PS1 units have been sold worldwide. One factor contributing to its success is that PlayStation game CDs can contain up to 660 megabytes (MB) of data, while traditional game cartridges can contain 6 MB (MB) of data. In addition, game cartridges are expensive to produce.

A famous game with legendary memories

The PS1 has many games to choose from. The author would like to take you back to your youth with 5 popular games, then press the “Start” button on your PS1 and get started.

Harvest Moon Back to nature

Legendary vegetable farming game that can grow crops Raising animals such as dogs, chickens, cows, sheep and horses, in addition to that there are many things that can be done such as digging raw materials, fishing, participating in various festivals, as well as flirting with girls, searching for things, and adding… Home. The music in the game is comfortable for the ears. Makes it fun to play

So what character did you marry? Have you ever thrown anything into a hot pot at a festival?

Rockman X4

Popular series like Rockman in X4 has many factors that make the game enjoyable. Both allow players to choose between Rockman and Zero, which have separate storylines. Some of the levels are amazing, with well-crafted gameplay, bosses and a soundtrack. So this part wins the hearts of blue robot lovers to some extent.


A source of worry plus it can surprise you from time to time. Players will face a stressful atmosphere. And use your brain to solve different puzzles after that, there are still many parts to be released for fans to play.

Final Fantasy VII

Renovated or newly developed legendary RPG game I think a lot of people might have tried it. Enjoy the intense story, exciting 3D graphics of the era, characters and combat system. Or find different items. The mini-games are also charming and make the story impossible at times. (Because I’m busy at Gold Saucer amusement park..)

Win eleven 3 ultimate edition.

Among the football sports games of that era, “Winning 3” was very popular among boys. There are many good teams such as the Brazilian national team, Nigeria, Argentina, France, etc., and there are also many star players to choose from, such as Ronaldo (Brazil), Roberto Carlos (Brazil), Gabriel Batistuta (Argentina). ),etc.

The playing system in this game also causes rules to be set by the players among themselves, such as “no one-two” (1-2 rebounds), not using Roberto Carlos in the striker position…

The above five games are just a portion of the game, as PS1 also has popular games like Metal Gear Solid, Silent Hill, Crash Bandicoot, Tomb Raider, Dino Crisis, Final Fantasy VIII, Final Fantasy IX, Gran Turismo, Pepsiman, and Bloody Roar 2 , and Dokapon. Chrono Cross, Twisted Metal, Rockman 8 and many more.

And this is the story. The first generation of “PlayStation” has now been developed into the fifth generation and is still very popular among gamers. Have you ever forgotten to play a game on this console?

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