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Daily horoscopes, today’s accurate horoscopes, free for Tuesday, October 17th. 2023 both of them Horoscope mapLove, soulmate horoscopes, finance, work, health, life and family for those born from Monday to Sunday. And those who like to check their fortunes with scienceDeva mantraIf you want to know what your fate is today, follow your daily horoscope.

Weather forecast for Tuesday the 17th October The year 2023 falls on the third day of the full moon, the eleventh month, the Year of the Rabbit, 1385 AD, 2023. Upper auspicious time, Koh Visakha moon, lower auspicious time, Waditi day, Kalyuk day, Harr day, 16th zodiac auspicious time, Jallad auspicious time, followed by Raja auspicious time. Moon on Killer Island. It moves into Scorpio at 3:55 PM and orbits Racha Ririk Island at 10:05 PM. The Sun moves into Libra at 2:55 AM. You can do auspicious deeds (sometimes), and you can get your new car out of the garage (sometimes). Today Suitable for worship. Ask for blessings from the sanctities

happy times 08.19 – 09.10 / 20.24 – 20.55 hours
Auspicious color today Blue, pink, green, grey, black
Unlucky color White, cream colour
Direction of luck North and southeast

Today is Monkey Day. Lucky for people in the year of the snake, year of the rat, year of the dragon, unlucky for people in the year of the tiger, year of the pig.
People born in the year of the Tiger are only subject to criticism. A fragile relationship, the mind must be strong. Be careful, families can break up easily.

Birth prophecy

– Born on Sunday: When you go to help someone else, you should appreciate your own strength as well. Don’t just think we can handle it. The work will place an important burden on the shoulders of only one person. It’s a matter of being able to show your skills to others as well. Love doesn’t go anywhere.

– Born on Monday: Past suffering will make you feel helpless. The love of an old lover will come and pester you and demand reconciliation until you feel shaken and unable to do anything. At work, I want to stay still and think about the many things that have come my way. Creating problems during this period

– Born on Tuesday: Commerce or things being bought and sold there will be chaos. Even thinking of finding a solution or they planned carefully but did not survive. The invested financial resources may require the sale of capital. Or did not achieve profit as expected. Feeling very sad and tired

– Born on Wednesday: The work will be tiring because you have to work on many tasks at the same time. But it will all be well. Financially you will make a lot of money, but expenses will also come. In love, sometimes couples don’t understand each other, but that’s not a big problem. Single people are not sure about love.

– Born on Thursday: Some things mean a lot to you. You will lose important and valuable things and will feel very frustrated. A lot of work and thinking about the past. If it comes to documents, a very large pile will have to be scanned. Love has a high degree of change.

– Born on Friday: There is no need to disturb other people’s affairs too much. He himself was not worried yet. Maybe we won’t get angry about it. Work should not allow your complaints to cause problems for others. Whatever we doubt, we have to deal with it successfully.

– People born on Saturday : The idea goes against pretty much everyone. You must find strong reasons to oppose the people around you. Work has standards for change and movement. But it is only a temporary step. Then you will return to the original place. Money should not be invested during this period.

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