Czech EU president wants war crimes tribunal

Greenpeace bans loading of Russian gas in Finland

Greenpeace activists blocked the unloading of Russian gas at a liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal in Torneo, northwestern Finland, on Saturday. A week ago, activists from an international non-governmental organization Also blocked Unloading Russian gas at the natural gas terminal in Nynashamn near Stockholm, Sweden.

“It’s a cargo ship with liquefied natural gas from Russia.”, Agence France-Presse (AFP) told Olga Väisänen, a spokeswoman for Finnish group Gasum, the importer of the blocked supply. The operation began at 7am local time (8am in Paris), Mika Kolehmainen, director of Manga LNG, the terminal manager, told AFP. The operator said activists were loaded with weapons and two boats were outside the terminal area, which is located very close to the Swedish border.

“More than six months after Putin launched his invasion of Ukraine, it is completely unacceptable that Russian gas is still being allowed to flow into Finland.”Greenpeace activist Olli Dianen said in a statement. Russia Pipeline gas supply stopped Russian liquefied natural gas shipments continue by ship to Finland in May, citing payment problems. “The Finnish government and Prime Minister Sanna Marin should immediately ban all Russian fossil fuel imports”he added.

On Wednesday, tensions rose between Moscow and the European Union over Russian gas supplies, with Russian President Vladimir Putin threatening to cut off all supplies of hydrocarbons if the price cap was imposed, the same day Brussels relaunched the plan. There are currently no European restrictions on gas imports from Russia, only oil and coal.

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