Cramer says many companies are not ready for a post-Covid world

Many companies seem ill-equipped to thrive in a post-Covid world, CNBC Jim Cramer Wed said.

“I haven’t seen a lot of companies preparing for the post-pandemic phase,” Kramer said. “I’ve seen a lot of companies that were kind of dependent on more of the pandemic.”

the “mad money‘We’re not in a pandemic world anymore,’ the host said, as far as business planning goes, and only one company reporting earnings this week has demonstrated its ability to think and thrive beyond Covid.

“I have to tell you, the only last night that showed a lack of ‘epidemic fluctuations’ was AirbnbAt some point, Kramer said [CEO Brian Chesky] He was telling me last night, ‘I don’t know, are we a pre-pandemic story? Are we a pandemic story? Are we a post-pandemic story?’ He said, simply, ‘Maybe we are a story.’ Kramer later added.

Airbnb reported Better than expected Earnings and revenue in the fourth quarter after the Tuesday bell closed, and shares on Wednesday were up more than 4%. The company has spent most of its time focusing on some sort of travel revolution, as the remote work required by Covid has become a permanent option for many people across the United States.

On the other hand, Kramer said he expects more from roblox game. Stocks of Metaverse Corporation They were being beaten At more than 25%, the day after it reported a wider-than-expected quarterly loss and revenue that was also worse than estimated.

“I thought it was not an epidemic game. I didn’t put it down [Roblox] with pelotonI did not put them with DocuSign; This is clearly the kiss of death, he said. I wanted Roblox to be better, and it’s slowing down.

Kramer’s message to companies struggling to drive growth in the new phase of COVID is simple: “Go listen to Cesky [at Airbnb]. Cesky identified this period. It’s saying, the whole pandemic period — you had to work on things for the post-pandemic phase.”

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