Cramer names 7 stocks of malfunctioning semiconductors that look ‘attractive’

Jim Cramer of CNBC on Wednesday presented investors with a list of seven semiconductor chip stocks that he thinks could be attractive buys.

“I think there’s a sense that chip makers are going to get hurt when we head toward [Federal Reserve]imposed stagnation, “the”mad moneyThe host said, referring to Upcoming Fed rate hikes. “At these levels, I think a group of them are starting to look very attractive,” he added.

Here are his picks for the best semiconductor stocks that have reasonable valuations and earnings growth:

  1. micron
  2. Western Digital
  3. Advanced Micro Devices
  4. Skyworks Solutions
  5. Kosovo Liberation Army
  6. L Research
  7. Applied materials

“Affordable growth is accelerating in this rickety market, and that includes the more controversial semiconductor space. Just be aware that these chip stocks may remain reasonably priced for the foreseeable future because Wall Street hasn’t had love — even today — for this whole darn group.”

Kramer’s latest list of investable growth stocks comes after he highlighted earlier this week Four financial stocks And Six credits for travel and entertainment A must have for buyers on their radar. To select his preferred stocks in each sector, Cramer used the same list of stocks containing companies from the S&P 500 that met his criteria for reasonable valuation and earnings growth.

Disclosure: The Kramer Charitable Fund owns shares in AMD.

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