Corsica: Many arrests in a nationalist context


CorsicaMany arrests in a nationalist context

The arrests came on Thursday in Corsica, while arson attacks have been on the rise on the island for a year, particularly against second homes.

In Corsica, nationalism is still strong.

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Several people, including Corsica Libera activist Pierre Paoli, suspected of being the leader of the Corsican National Liberation Front (FLNC), were arrested on Thursday by the Sub-Directorate of Anti-Terrorism (Sdat) in Corsica, a nationalist association said. Sources familiar with the matter. The independence party “Corsica Libera and its activists are again targeted by political repression”, the association for the protection of so-called political prisoners, Solidarida, announced the arrests on social networks.

Like Corsica Libera on social networks, he notes that Pierre Paoli, one of the leaders of the Freedom Party, freed in June 2018 by a Paris court for attacks in 2012, and “several others” were arrested Thursday morning. Corse-du-Sud by the Anti-Terrorism Sub-Directorate of the Judicial Police.

This information was confirmed to AFP by two sources familiar with the matter. Sdat was arrested three times in connection with an investigation into an undercover press conference in 2021, according to a third source familiar with the matter.

Fire against second homes

In May 2021, the French Anti-Terrorism Prosecutor’s Office (Pnat) actually conducted an investigation into the announcement of the creation of a new armed group called “FLNC Maghju 21” (May 2021) during the secret press of a conference.

According to Solidarita, Thursday’s arrests “highlight the desire of the French state apparatus to engage in a historic submission process in Corsica, but not negotiations as some would like to believe”. The association has called for a rally in front of the Ajaccio Police Station at 7pm on Thursday, demanding the immediate release of all those in custody.

The arrests come as Corsica has seen a surge in arson attacks over the past year. These fires, sometimes accompanied by tags, mainly targeted second homes owned by French people living in France, but without an official claim.

Thirty-six mobile homes were burned

On July 11, 16 “actions” targeting two police vehicles, two construction companies and twelve private residences, including the burning of 36 mobile homes in a camp in Aleria (Hot-Cours), were requested by the Corsican National Secret Service. Liberation Front (FLNC).

The National Counter-Terrorism Prosecutor’s Office conducted investigations related to this FLNC press release, with the investigations being handed over to the Deputy Director of Counter-Terrorism of the Judicial Police. Contacted by AFP, Pnat did not immediately respond.


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