Corona virus – Fighting infection with boosters is not possible according to WHO


On Tuesday, the World Health Organization recalled that the booster vaccine was not the best strategy to fight the infection.

The WHO says the “repeated booster-based vaccination strategy” of the first vaccines is “unlikely to be appropriate or feasible.”


Fighting the Govt-19 epidemic with a booster dose of the current vaccine is not a viable strategy, World Health Organization (WHO) experts warned Tuesday, and called for better vaccines to prevent the spread. The “vaccination strategy based on repeated booster shots” of the first vaccines was “unlikely to be appropriate or feasible,” said a panel of experts overseeing vaccinations against the corona virus.

Furthermore, these experts consider that “vaccines against Govt-19 have a greater impact on the prevention of transmission and infection, and should be developed as needed and prevent serious illness and death.”

“While waiting for such vaccines to become available, and for the SARS-CoV-2 virus to develop, it is necessary to update the current combination of anti-Govt vaccines recommended by the WHO to ensure that (they) continue to be administered. , The expert panel believes.

Dazzling progress

Six weeks after being identified in South Africa, data from several countries are converging on two points: Omigron – which falls under the WHO category of concern – which is spreading much faster than the previously dominated delta. Causing less severe forms of the disease overall.

Important point: It is not known whether this severity came from the intrinsic characteristics of the variant or whether it is related to the fact that the vaccine or a previous infection has somewhat immunocompromised population.

However, Omigron is progressing dramatically in many countries, and cases are doubling once every two or three days, which is not the case with previous variants. Mutations in omigran allow the antibody to reduce immunity to the virus. Effect: It can contaminate a large number of vaccines and re-infect previously infected people.


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