Congratulations to the famous actress from the Angel Gang who announced her marriage at the age of forty |

Having been in a relationship with a young businessman friend for many years, most recently with a popular Angel Gang heroine, Huang Ziwen or Mandy Wong,He came out to announce the good news of their marriage at the age of forty.

She posted a beautiful photo wearing a wedding ring on Weibo for fans to see. Among the many congratulatory comments that poured in, the team here dot com would like to congratulate you.

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Mandy Wong She began her career in the entertainment industry by participating in the Miss Hong Kong beauty pageant in 2007, where she was selected as one of the top 5 finalists. She later joined and signed an acting contract with television station TVB Hong Kong (Television Broadcasts Limited) in the same year and was part of TVB’s acting student body in 2008. Her first acting and acting roles came in a short-lived sitcom after appearing in a small-scale drama . She received widespread support and attention from the audience in 2009. Her performance was well received by critics and netizens.

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