Common! New iPad model will launch on March 26, 2024 (iPad Pro with OLED display, iPad Air)

Apple is preparing to launch the new iPad model. iPad Pro OLED display and iPad Air New at the end of March 2024 and there are rumors that it may be March 26, 2024.

The new iPad 2024 model may be launched on March 26, 2024.

Instant Digital revealed information on Weibo about the launch date of the new iPad model in early 2024, saying that March 26, 2024 will be the day that Apple opens pre-orders for the new iPad model, but IT Home has updated the information stating that today is more than one day. Launch.

IT Home revealed that Tuesday, March 26, 2024 (US time) will be the day when Apple will launch the new iPad model. However, the information also revealed that iPad case stores like Amazon are preparing to sell iPad cases during those days as well. This may guarantee the launch date of the new iPad model.

Previously, Mark Gurman revealed that Apple will launch the iPad Pro with OLED display and the new iPad Air 2024 model in late March – early April 2024. When combined with these rumors, it is possible that the new iPad model will be launched at the end of March and go on sale at the beginning of April. 2024.

Gorman revealed that Apple is preparing to release an update to iPadOS 17.4, a version designed for new iPad models, in late March — sometime in April. If iPadOS is completed, Apple will have to pass it on. Ask the factory to update the new version equipment as well. This will take approximately 2 to 3 weeks, making the product available for sale in April 2024.

The new iPad Pro is rumored to have an OLED display in both 11-inch and 13-inch models, the device will use an M3 chip, it will use a horizontal front camera, the device will be thinner, and it may support MagSafe as well. The iPad Air is rumored to come with an M2 chip and the original design chassis but a 12.9-inch model will be added.

In addition to launching the new iPad Pro and iPad Air, Apple may also launch accessories like the new Magic Keyboard and the new Apple Pencil as well. What will happen let's wait and see.

source: MacRumors

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