Common! iOS 18 and macOS 15 redesign of the Settings app

Mark Gorman said: iOS 18, Mac 15 The new Settings app will be redesigned to look simpler and easier to use than ever!

Common! iOS 18 and macOS 15 redesign of the Settings app

The report reveals that iOS 18 and macOS 15 will revamp the Settings app by tweaking the design to be more organized. Simple design Tap to access various settings menus more easily. Search in the Settings app will also be improved as it is currently found in iOS and macOS. not good

Searching in the Settings app on iOS often yields results that aren't quite what users want. For example, when you search for the word “Charging Optimization” in the iPhone 15 Pro Settings app, the system does not display the menu.

It is expected that some improvements to the search system in the Settings app in iOS 18 may come from rumors of improvements to Spotlight Search as well, including adding the ability for Siri to better follow user commands by using artificial intelligence to help.

Rumors reveal that Apple will majorly overhaul the Settings menu in macOS after doing so in macOS Ventura, which looked similar to iOS and macOS. At the time, Apple used a format to customize the Settings menu. According to the usage priority, so in the new iOS system, the format can be modified to be the same.

In addition to the Settings menu, the report reveals that Apple is planning to fix the Control Center in iOS 18 as well, but this is still under internal testing. Which is not yet known in the official release of iOS 18. Will there be any changes?

Apple announces WWDC 2024 event on June 11, 2024, Thailand time. It is expected that iOS 18 will be launched and new technologies such as artificial intelligence will also be launched, so let us wait and see what happens.

source: MacRumors

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