Cleanup of Khao San Road after Changran, 116 tons of garbage: PPTVHD36

“Governor Chatchat” leads a team of officials BMA went to the area to clean Khao San Road after the Songkran festival, finding more than 116 tons of garbage.

This morning, Phra Nakhon District Officers Phra Nakhon Municipal Patrol Officers and related agencies went to the area to clear and clean the road surface. Khao San Road, Thanao Road, Chakrapong Road, Kraisi Road, Thani Road, Sib Sam Hong Road, Rambutri Road, Bang Lampu Area, Phra Nakhon District, Bangkok Area.

The Governor of Bangkok, Mr. Chatshard Sittipan, inspected the area. Be inspired by the cleanliness of Bangkok's cleaners. It will be broadcast live on Facebook. From in front of Bangkok City Hall. Up to Khao San Road

Juicy Splash! There are photos of swimming conditions on the Silom – Khao San Road in Changran 2024.

Songkran 2024, a collection of photos of the atmosphere of Khao San Road, tourists playing in the water!

On Facebook, “Phra Nakhon District Office” April 15th at 11:00 p.m. Phra Nakhon District Office collects litter, sprays and cleans sidewalks and traffic surfaces. Cleanliness should return to the area Khao San Road and its surrounding areas after the Songkran Festival is over.

The amount of garbage in and around Khao San Road between 12-14 April 2024, totaling 116 tonnes, is as follows:

Around Khao San Road, 12 tons on the 12th, 15 tons on the 13th, 15 tons on the 14th, a total of 42 tons, Garbage piled up around Khao San Road, a total of 74 tons.

Expats in Phuket joined forces to welcome Songkran 2024 as they were unhappy with the water sprinkling.

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