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Feedback Shaping New Path, Vision for City Alley

Citizen feedback is paving the path towards a new look for a Peterborough alleyway. Community members gathered Jan. 29 to share their thoughts about the revitalization of a pathway from Hunter Street to Simcoe Street. The Downtown Vibrancy Project is gearing up for its third year and public input is instrumental in the design of […]

Social Procurement Could Liberate Local Potential

Whether it was by members of city staff, councillors, community members, or social enterprisers, a local exploration of social procurement led by David LePage last week was warmly and well received. Starting as it ought to have, David’s began with visiting a small group of city staff members responsible for the city’s purchasing. By the […]

Recycling Mattresses Locally Would Save Peterborough Money, Create Work for At-risk People, says Clean Slate CEO

Ralph Gutkin has an idea for a mattress recycling service that he says can save the City of Peterborough money while creating job opportunities for people who face employment barriers, such as ex-prisoners, people with addictions and those with mental-health issues. The CEO of the Clean Slate Enterprises, a federally incorporated non-profit organization, Ralph is […]

Social Procurement a Game Changer for Cities

ECM Podcast Episode 10 https://electriccitymagazine.ptbopodcasters.ca/wp-content/uploads/sites/41/2020/01/E10-ECM-Social-Procurement-a-Game-Changer-for-Cities-compress.mp3   In July of last year, Peterborough City Councillor Kemi Akapo introduced a motion that the City of Peterborough investigate social purchasing. Social purchasing, also known as social procurement, is maturing in its depth of practice and in the number of organizations employing it. Social procurement has made it into […]

City Alley Core of Upcoming Revitalization Efforts

Casting a brighter light on an alley in the city’s core is the focus of an upcoming discussion and ultimately the projected outcome for the pathway from Hunter Street to Simcoe Street. Citizens can help pave the way for the future of the area by attending an upcoming event. The Downtown Vibrancy Project is gearing […]

Give to the Planet this Christmas

Those dreaming of a white Christmas can make it green as well. The holiday season, with all it generates, is an ideal time of year to discuss and consider ways of reducing waste and keeping the planet top-of-mind, says a local environmentalist. “A lot of it involves thinking smart so you’re not buying extra food […]