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By: NTman December 7, 2023

Launched ready to complement every great style Citizen Tsuyusa Collection (NJ015) A collection of simple and elegant watches combined with durability, as the name “TSUYOSA” means. “Power” in Japanese, the 40mm case is made of stainless steel with a curved design. Perfectly molded with polished stainless steel band. The dial is covered with sapphire crystal glass. With a magnifying glass, today’s most classic window.

The crown of the CITIZEN The “TSUYOSA” collection is positioned at 4 o’clock, which distinguishes it from other wristwatches. The back of the watch is stunning with an exposed screw-down case back showing off the famous automatic movement, Caliber 8210. It supports a 40-hour power reserve and is water resistant to 50 metres, ready to wear in any situation. Whether you wear it to an occasion or wear it to relax on a casual day.

Another highlight that cannot be mentioned is the bright color story that enhances the CITIZEN “TSUYOSA” collection as perfect everyday watches for every different style. With colorful dials there are great and unique options for every day.

NJ0151-88M – Tiffany Blue: Bright and cheerful, he reflects a young man with a sense of humor.

NJ0151-88L – Sandblasted Dark Blue: Dark, reserved, it looks good in every detail.

NJ0151-88X – Teal: Soft, cool and mysterious with the perfect blend of blue and green tones.

NJ0150-81Z – Yellow: Complete the fun look that stands out every day.

NJ0153-82X – Red: Clearly with the hottest sports style.

NJ0154-80H – Two-tone rose gold: Confident in every look, handsome and luxurious with unique combination of colours.

Who is looking for a new watch? Ready to be great in every style, let me tell you. Citizen Tsuyusa Group. It is a collection of watches that cannot be missed. With simple and elegant design, durable material for every use, perfect combination of a variety of colors. No matter what look you wear, you can be confident in every lookTangible value only 16,600 baht You can reserve it as an owner today. In the watch departments of department stores and dealer stores or the online channel on Shopee:

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