Chris Rock has been making fun of Jada Pinkett Smith since the ’90s

tension leading to Oscar slap In fact, it is still more than decade.

As people on social media were walking around History of Chris Rock with Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, has resurfaced an old clip of the flaming comedian Pinkett Smith. It’s not just the Oscars pranks in 2016 And the 2022—This beef dates back to 1997.

fossils from chris rock show, which aired on HBO for five seasons in the late 1990s. October 1997 – right before Will and Jada tied the knot, and by chance right after Ji Jin It premiered – The rocker was in the running with the second season of his late-night talk show when he aimed for the future bride.

“The Million Women March was last week in Philadelphia. I spoke to Ice Cube, dubbed it “Bitches by the Bell,” Rock says in the clip, and got a boo from his live audience. “I didn’t say it! Ice Cube said. That’s too short, too! “

After a joke about women not wanting to wear the same clothes, Rock began roasting Jada: “You know, at the Million Women’s March there were touching speeches from people like Maxine Waters, Winnie Mandela, and here are some inspiring words from the beautiful Jada Pinkett.”

Rock sets out to cut a clip of a young Jada Pinkett on the walk. She says, “I’m here today, because this is an act of strength, women. All right?” In doing so, Pinkett’s activism turns into a joke, as the lyrics to “The Roof is Burning” scream instead of hers.

“Burn the damned, burn!” Fake Jada screams to the audience. (Not even close to her real talk.)

In doing so, Pinkett’s activism turns into a joke, as the lyrics to “The Roof is Burning” scream instead of hers.

The Million Women’s March took place in late October 1997, with about half a million people going to the Benjamin Franklin Parkway in Philadelphia. The Women of the March focused on defending African-American women in America, led by Philly Chioniso and aided by such big names as Maxine Waters, Nelson Mandela’s ex-wife, and Jada Pinkett Smith (then Jada Pinkett).

So, the Oscars tease wasn’t an isolated moment in the Chris Rock/Smith family feud. We already knew it, though: She cast Rock in Jada during the 2016 Academy Awards, again because of her activism. When the actress decided to boycott the event due to #OscarsSoWhite, Rock used it as an opportunity to err.

“Jada’s interruption of the Oscars is like me interrupting Rihanna’s pants,” he said, hosting tonight’s events. “I was not invited.”

All of this lends new meaning to the “keep my wife’s name out of your fucking mouth” phrase that she yelled twice, after Sunday’s slap, and why Jada couldn’t help but laugh after her husband hit the comic.

while the section is circulating on twitterthe monologue is all flowing HBO Max via chris rock showfor anyone who keeps track of receipts.

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